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What we’re about

The Philosophy Café is an informal, non-technical group* that encourages philosophical debate and provides a forum for the active exchange of ideas within the loose and broad traditions of philosophy. We invite you to think about ideas, ask challenging questions and build robust arguments. The conversation is suitable for anyone over the age of 12.

The Philosophy Café at The Letter Lounge was a monthly opportunity to ‘do’ philosophy. People got together over afternoon tea to examine basic beliefs and challenge the thinking that underpins our everyday decisions. People asked questions about the concepts that guide our lives and think about the logical links between thoughts. The goal was to inspire each other to develop an interest in philosophy.
The original group was coordinated by Peter Ellerton (University of Queensland), Chris Poulsen (Kelvin Grove State College) and Judy Gregory (Northside Meetings). 
*here is the opportunity to understand some basic problems and issues in formal philosophy setting. We encourage people to attend with self-motivating readings done  -- to the measure they wish.  Recommended online readings and videos will be listed on the site pages.

The first Sunday of each month in 2024 Feb - Dec.
Room: Community Meeting Room (CMR)
Time: 1300 - 1600
Dates: Feb 4, Mar 3, Apr 7, May 5, Jun 2, Jul 7, Aug 4, Sep 1, Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1