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What we’re about

Hello Riders.

Fine Print First: This is a SOCIAL GROUP and all riding with this group is done at your own risk/ own peril.  Responsibility for any accident, incident or other that may occur on any ride is that of the rider that chose to come along for a social ride. 

Motorcycle Riding can be a dangerous activity. Each rider participates at their own risk. The responsibility and liability for injury, accident or death to motorcycles, personal property or individuals is totally and unconditionally that of the rider who chose to partake in the activity.

That being said, this social group is not just for learner riders but riders of all levels who ride not just LAMs approved motorbikes but bikes that you can progress to once you've out grown your LAMs bike. 

We are Sydney and Beyond Riders meaning beyond and including LAM's, beyond and including Sydney.

This group was established by Sally in December 2012 in the hopes of connecting with others like her just starting out on their biking adventure and for those who are experienced but still ride their LAMs approved bike.

My name is Mark and I have taken on the title of organiser of this awesome group.  My role as organiser is to make sure rides get scheduled and I will often be searching for input with regard to ride suggestions.  I guess that it is fitting to note that as organiser, it dosen't automatically mean host as like many, I work full time including Saturdays most weeks leaving only Sunday to squeeze in a ride at times but also juggle other activities.

If you have a ride you would like to do and would love company, please don't be shy in contacting me and allowing me to schedule something for other members to enjoy also.  There is nothing better in my opinion than having a ride and enjoying it with others so please hit me up.

From time to time, I will also be posting rides that are unhosted with the purpose being that if members are just looking for a Saturday or Sunday activity, then there is at least an option to Meetup with others in the same position.

Can I suggest that if you are interested in a ride then RSVP 'yes' only so as others can see that interest is being generated. If at the last minute something comes up for you, please be courteous enough to advise others of your change of plans but please do not do a 'no show' ie RSVP 'yes' but simply not turn up.

So, if you live in Sydney, own a LAMs bike or other and would like to join other biking enthusiasts while enjoying short/half day/full day, weekend ride-outs through suburban Sydney and surrounds, with an occasional weekday night ride? This is the group for you*.

A reminder also, ride dates can coincide but please make the ride different to that which is already organised eg if there is already a short ride, don't go and suggest another short ride please. Suggest a differing ride in terms of destination and/or time frame :)

Our group is evolving we want to accommodate all members as they grow in experience.

The group's starting point 99% of the time for meetups is currently one of Carmel's Wareemba, Rocco's Five Dock, Nield Park Cafe in Rodd Point or UTS Rowers Haberfield.  It doesn't matter whereabouts in Sydney you live; if you can make it to the designated location for 8.00am generally (7am are our earliest starts), you are most welcome to join. Oh and it is unlikely that rides will be held if it's raining as we want to make it as safe and enjoyable as possible for all involved. Suggestions for half and full day rides are most welcome; email me or contact me via PM on facebook.  

I strongly encourage riders of all stripes to join-learners welcome, P platers welcome.  I particularly encourage females as Sally did since the groups inception -- to join me and others for some safe and fun times on the road. What are you waiting for? Click JOIN US now. :)