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Ayurvedic Therapies / Terapias Ayuvrédicas en Barcelona
Namaste Ayurveda Lovers, from tomorrow June 5th i am starting Ayurvedic Therapies in the center of Barcelona. If you are interested to get more details don´t hesitate to contact me on[masked] or by email at [masked] I will be pleased to help you! Therapies: Abhyanga - the whole body massage with warm medicinal oil. This massage helps to reduce musculoskeletal as well as neurological problems among others. Shiroabhyanga - head and neck massage to relieve aches, insomnia, hair fall, neurological problems and calm the mind. Padabhyanga - leg massage for neurological and muscular problems and for tiredness. Udwarthana - treatment with medicinal powder used to reduce volume, cellulitis, improving skin appearance leaving it smooth. Patra Pinda Sweda - treatment of massage combined with sweating by applying cloth bolus filled with medicinal plants to reduce pains and improve neuromuscular problems, inflamation, rigidity, cleans skin pores keeping it smoother and softer. Mukha Lepa - application of medicinal mud on the face to clean profoundly the skin, remove acne, rash and dark spots leaving the skin radiant and soft. Español: Namaste amantes de Ayurvéda, a partir de mañana 5 de abril empezaré con Tratamientos ayurvédicos en el centro de Barcelona. Para más info me puedes contactar al[masked] o a [masked] Terapias son las de la foto. Saludos, Katy


Roger de Lluria 128 · Barcelona

50,00 €

Lo que hacemos

This group is for those interesting in holistic mysteries of ancient life style called Ayurveda. I am Katy - Ayurveda Therapist based in Barcelona with passion for healthy lifestyle. From time to time i am organizing Ayurveda conferences with Indian gurus with deep knowledge and years of experiences in this field. I also do Ayurvedic Therapies in the center of Barcelona.

For more information don't hesitate to contact me;)