Lo que hacemos

Come join us on an exploration of mindful meditation and see what it can bring you. Through these ancient arts, we open ourselves to the world within and around us. We learn to let go of unhelpful worries; we get out of our own way. Gradually we experience life in a fresher way.

How? By practicing attending to our bodies and our senses, we explore and reconnect with our emotions. As we reconnect, we recognise the unhelpful habits, thoughts and knee-jerk reactions that have become automatic triggers for anger, tightness and anxiety. Once we're aware of them, we can let go and in their place we find openness, magic, flow.

And in doing so, we may find ourselves healthier, more rested and happier too.

We're often tied up by thoughts or mind states that we aren't even conscious of, but that rule us most of the day, and night. Meditation wakes us up to become conscious of those mental patterns, so that we can make the decision to let them go.

Mindfulness and meditation is more than just sitting on a cushion, it’s cultivating an open, wakeful state that we can apply to every moment of our lives. It allows us to experience a richer life and release ourselves from the habits that hold us tight. It’s the art of living well.