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"Async makes me hmmm 🤔" y "Democratizing data at"
En esta ocasión tenemos un Meetup un poco diferente, contaremos con dos charlas (en inglés) de la mano de "Async makes me hmmm 🤔" by Lukas Kubis, Automation Senior Developer at The introduction of async/await syntax to python couple of years ago spiked interest in many people, only to leave most of them confused and terrified. It’s getting even worse as async quickly expands and the whole language is effectively splitting into two. Let’s discuss why it’s happening, who is it for and how can we reason about the existence of this mysterious code. "Democratizing data at" by Artur Mindiyarov, Business Intelligence Data Engineer at At we are trying to make data open and accessible to everyone. Using the power of graph databases and natural language processing we have a Slack chatbot, helping us in finding the right information. Technologies: Python, Elasticsearch, Neo4j and Dialogflow. ¡Nos vemos!

Wayco Ciutat Vella

Carrer del Governador Vell, 29, 46003, Valencia · Valencia

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