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Click here (https://sites.google.com/view/spsatlanta/home) to quickly access documents such as registration, themes, rules, etc.

The Southeastern Photographic Society (SPS) is an Atlanta-based community of photographers established in 1976 to help members learn the skills for creating great images and sharing them with others. Our monthly meetings are in the Toco Hills/Emory area of Atlanta. SPS has annual dues of $40 per individual to support the club’s expenses such as rent for meeting spaces, honoraria for speakers, supplies and other such expenses. Board members serve voluntarily.

By paying the SPS dues you become a member of SPS and may participate in activities available only to dues-paying members, including submitting images into our monthly First Friday competition/critique, and our annual juried exhibitions which occur two to three times a year. (There is also a fee associated with entering images into exhibitions.)

We hope that anyone learning of us on MeetUp will check out the SPS by attending a monthly meeting or participating in a MeetUp field event with members. We look forward to seeing you and hope you will support the club by becoming a dues-paying member.

It’s easy to join! Just click on the link below:

Annual Paid Member Registration (https://form.jotform.com/spsatlanta/club-membership-registration-form)

The SPS has three standing meetings every month. Please note that we sometimes adjust meetings due to holidays so please check the schedule on Meetup.

· The First Friday Monthly Meeting at 7:30 pm at Clairmont Presbyterian Church. This meeting includes a guest speaker and member competition and critique. Competitions include color prints, black and white prints, and digital images.

· The Second Saturday Coffee and Critique at 9:00 AM at Emory Presbyterian Church. This is an informal meeting where members bring their own prints for open discussion. Check MeetUp for the format as we alternate between print and digital images.

· The Fourth Tuesday Learnshop at 7:00 PM at Clairmont Presbyterian Church. This meeting is a member-to-member presentation of techniques and special topics to advance the learning of our club members.

The SPS also has regular Meetup field events where members and guests get together to photograph an event or place. (Some Meetup field events are for members only.)

You will find much useful information on the monthly competition themes, competition rules, exhibitions, and other SPS information in the "Useful Links" sections of our Google Sites Page.

"Useful Links" (https://sites.google.com/view/spsatlanta/home)

Próximos eventos (5+)

SPS Team for the North Georgia Camera Club Council (NG3C) 2019 Shootout

Please note the following 5 important things: 1. The North Georgia Camera Club Council (NG3C) annual shootout is being held on October 19, 2019 in Dalton, GA. SPS will field a team of up to 20 photographers. 2. You must be registered for this event and be a paid member of SPS as of September 10 to participate. Registrations will be limited to 20 photographers. 3. To register for this event you must email Jim Morgenthaler at: [masked]. In your email please put: "SHOOTOUT" in the subject line. Your full name Your contact info: email and phone number NOTE: You cannot register on this Meetup site for this event. 4. REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE FOR THIS EVENT ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2019 5. Plan to arrive at Dalton State College by 7:30am on Saturday, October 19, 2019. Shooting begins at 8:00am and our team's edited images must be given to the judges by 2:00pm. Awards will be announced late in the afternoon that same day. Plan for an all day event. See details below. What is a shootout? A shootout is a team photography competition. Camera clubs that are members of NG3C send teams of photographers to participate. On the morning of the competition 5 different themes are randomly selected and announced at the start of the competition. Teams must shoot within a designated geographic location, edit their shots, and submit them to the judges all within a specific time period (8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.). Each team submits 10 images for judging in each themed category. While judging is taking place, there are workshops, door prizes, and vendor booths to visit. Results are announced late in the afternoon. Judges select the top 10 images in each themed category. Points are awarded to the top 10 images. Individual prizes and ribbons go to the top 5 winners in each category with ribbons going to remaining 5. The camera club team with the most points will receive ribbons and bragging rights. How much does it cost to participate? SPS pays the $50 club membership fee to join NG3C and each SPS team member's participation fee. Where is the shootout location? This year the competition is in Dalton, Ga, with Dalton State College as the home base. What skills should you have before deciding to participate on the SPS team? The competition is a timed event with shooting taking place in a very specific geographic location. Since you are shooting for very specific themes, you need to feel comfortable shooting "found" images. In addition to your camera gear, you must also bring your own laptop with photo editing software on it and plenty of RAM to handle your editing workflow. Additionally, you should be very comfortable working independently, uploading photos to your laptop, editing images, sizing images to specific pixel dimensions, naming the image, and saving them to a flash drive. We are asking that you do not plan on sharing a laptop with someone else, as there simply isn't enough time to do that. What else should I know? Each team will select what it thinks are its overall 10 best images per theme for submission to the judges. Therefore, it is possible that not everyone will have an image used. Additional rules will be provided to teams once signup has taken place. How do I sign up? Register by emailing Jim Morgenthaler at: [masked]. Put Shootout in the subject line. SPS will close registration after 20 positive RSVPs but will maintain a waitlist in the event a registered participant indicates he or she will not be able to participate. The NG3C website is: http://www.ng3c.org

October Learnshop: Members Critique - Evaluating Your Images With A Critical Eye

In what has become an annual SPS tradition, join Jack Martin, Harriet Dye and Jeff Milsteen for a (hopefully) entertaining and (maybe even) enlightening evening of photo critiques. In addition to offering advice on how to critically evaluate your own images, Jack, Harriet and Jeff will also critique digital images submitted by attendees. Digital images submitted by members will be presented for critique anonymously — the point is to focus on the photograph, not the photographer. Even if you don’t want to submit a photo, please join us and you're sure to pick up some pointers about how to critically evaluate your own work and thereby improve your photography. Please submit up to two digital images that you would like critiqued to [masked], following the normal sizing guidelines for submitting images for SPS competitions. Instructions can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3rb7eGNEir3NjE2RGhaTktvc3c/view We will only critique digital submissions — no prints! Images must be submitted no later than 9:00 p.m. on Friday, October 19th. IMPORTANT: Please include the word “Learnshop” in your email subject line. Note: Photos submitted for this critique session are also eligible for submission into later SPS competitions, provided, of course, the photo meets the requirements for those competitions. ****************************************************************************** SPS Monthly Meetings (first Friday of each month) are for its members and guests. While competition entries at these monthly meetings are restricted to currently paid-up members, we ALWAYS welcome visitors interested in photography to attend. The Learnshops (fourth Tuesday of each month) are intended for members, but again, we welcome visitors. If you attend regularly, we ask that you help support the club (which pays for the rental of the facilities, supplies, and equipment) by becoming a member!!! To find out more about SPS visit https://sites.google.com/view/spsatlanta ******************************** LIABILITY NOTICE: By signing up and attending a Meetup sponsored by the Southeastern Photographic Society, I acknowledge that these activities can be hazardous and that I could be injured or my property damaged. I agree that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and assume any risk of physical injury or damage to my property.

Diwali New Year's Celebration and Fireworks


The annual Hindu New Year's celebration (Diwali) will take place at the BAPS Mandir in Lilburn on Sunday, October 27th. The fireworks are scheduled for around 7:30 p.m., but you'll want to get there MUCH earlier to secure a good spot. I would recommend getting there at least by 6:00. (I can't emphasize enough that you need to get there early -- if you show up too late you won't get in.) SPS members have shot this event the last several years and had a great time - it is an fantastic fireworks display and light show! For directions and additional information, you can go to the temple's website: http://www.baps.org/Global-Network/North-America/Atlanta/Upcoming-Events.aspx . If you want to get an idea of what to expect, I have several galleries from past Diwali celebrations on my SmugMug site at: https://milsteen.smugmug.com/Events You are welcome to use a tripod and shoot the exterior of the Mandir (temple) and the reflecting pool from the plaza level before the fireworks start, but no photography is allowed inside the temple itself. (You should, however, go inside the temple -- it is amazing!) Folks typically gather at the end of the reflecting pool -- just look for the row of tripods! If anyone has any questions, let me know. PLEASE READ: Parking will not be available on the temple grounds and in the past folks have been advised NOT to park in the shopping center across the street lest they be towed. The temple will offer complimentary offsite parking with a free shuttle to transport visitors to and from the temple. The free parking site is located at 6100 Lawrenceville Highway, Tucker GA 30084, which is about 5 minutes away. I'll also post some fireworks tips in the comments below. Jeff

Coffee & Critique - Print Edition

Emory Presbyterian Church

Join us for our monthly Coffee & Critique and enjoy an open discussion of lots of images. You are invited to bring up to 3 prints (not required), preferably 8x10 or larger and checkin when you arrive. Everyone is encouraged to comment on what they think is good and what will make them better. The group always includes some of the very best photographers in the club, beginners, and everything in between. It's a great opportunity to see a wide range of image styles and learn from the group. ***************************************** LIABILITY NOTICE: By signing up and attending a Meetup sponsored by the Southeastern Photographic Society, I acknowledge that these activities can be hazardous and that I could be injured or my property damaged. I agree that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and assume any risk of physical injury or damage to my property.

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