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There and back again: Javascript to Scala
Talk will be given by Enric Sangrà. He's a computer scientist from Barcelona, currently working as a fullstack developer (Javascript and Scala) at Goodlord, London. - There and back again: Javascript to Scala Two years ago I got into an adventure to learn Scala. Although the road seemed arduous and complicated, I quickly realised there were some similarities between how Javascript was being advocated and the main Scala principles. In this talk, I want to explain what helped me learning this new language and while doing so, which concepts can be taken back from it. Are monads something complex? Do we need to fully understand them to write Scala? Could we handle errors in a better way in Javascript? There (from Javascript to Scala) - Why Scala? - The functional basis - Don't be afraid of the cats And back again (from Scala to Javascript) - Being pure - Types - Error handling and monadic structures


Plaça Pau Vila, 1, Edifici Palau de Mar, Oficina 3C, Moll del Dipòsit, Barcelona · 08039

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    We love programming in Scala and we want to meet other fellow Scala developers in the Barcelona area so that we can talk about this fantastic programming language. We would love to organize presentations, coding dojos, etc. focused on Scala and functional programming


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