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Barcelona.JS is a usergroup focused on JavaScript and related topics.

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BarcelonaJS June


Hello everyone! Join us for June's meetup, which will be held in Arbolus office. As always, we will have two talks followed by a networking session.


From Multiple Repositories to a Monorepo with NX

by Lluc Estrany
Senior Software Engineer at @wearearbolus

In this talk, we will share our experience implementing NX, a robust build system that has positively impacted our development efficiency. We will explain the practical steps taken to integrate NX into our workflow, resulting in increased productivity, smoother collaboration, and faster project delivery.


What I learned as a developer from accidents in space

by Andrey Sitnik @sitnikcode
Lead Front-end Developer at @evilmartians

The space industry is very similar to software development. Human mistakes, a big project with a lack of communications, insane complexity. So there are a lot of things, which we can learn from them: not blame users, but change UI; report about issues in open source libraries; use linters. Especially, when all these best practices are wrapped in funny and real stories.




  • Access control: The security team requires an attendees list. Make sure you register for the event with your full name. Registration will close 24h before the event.
  • You’ll be asked to provide your name and ID (DNI, NIE, etc.) to access the building.


After the talks, we'll have drinks and networking!

Are you interested in giving a talk or have a question? You are welcome to comment or shoot a meetup message to the organizers.

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