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Fun loving internationals and friendly locals are welcome to join our group ...

We try to discover some of the 'real Berlin' not just find something from home away from home.

Eat, drink, party and explore Berlin with us!

We are also on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/berlinexpat... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/berlinexpats/)

Hope to see you at a meetup soon.


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Berlin Expats // Drinks by the canal


Drinks by the canal Everyone is invited! (We will move inside in the case of bad weather) To communicate with the group Join our Telegram group chat at “Berlin Expats" http://bit.ly/BerlinExpats This meet-up is an amazing chance to meet people from all over the world. You’re welcome to invite your friends or even to come over by yourself to meet amazing people, have conversations, make new friends and exchange your favorite spots about the city etc…. The location is an outdoor space directly by the river, very nice view and chill atmosphere. Meeting time: 6pm Meeting point: By the river directly in front of: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 1, 10999 Berlin Link of the location; https://goo.gl/maps/SMyWUaURjNte56rV7 To spot us, you can join the group chat, we will share the location there! Bring your own drinks and snacks, there are plenty of shops and restaurants around the area that you can buy your needs from. It’s all about love and the good vibes

Pre Drinks & English Comedy


English Comedy // Freddi Gralle, Fico Fellini & Dan Stern Saturday 28th September 2019 8pm - 10pm : Pre-Drinks Outdoor seating available 10pm - 11.59pm : Showtime Please join our group chat: http://bit.ly/BerlinExpats Mention MEETUP at the bar for discounted 12€ tickets. ★★★★★ THE COMEDIANS ★★★★★ Freddi Gralle (GER) Fico Fellini (ITALY) Dan Stern (USA) Please buy tickets as soon as you arrive at the venue from the Bar, this show is very likely to sell out. ★★★★★ ABOUT FREDDI ★★★★★ Freddi is a comedian, screenwriter, and unsolicited life coach. For many years, the only stages she spent much time on were those in churches. Now she is doing comedy - so being judgmental comes in handy. She grew up in a deeply religious household, first in Sierra Leone, West Africa, later in the provincial wastelands of Lower-Saxony, Germany. She likes to describe her comedy as life-affirming but sarcastic with a strong preference for the auto-biographic. Her dazzling sense of self-entitlement guides her to tackle only the existential questions in life: God, sex, truth and the upsides of PMS. Freddi has been having fun performing in Berlin and Germany, LA and NYC. https://www.facebook.com/Freddi-Gralle-1114975528534827/?fref=ts ★★★★★ ABOUT FICO ★★★★★ Filippo Spreafico : Originally from a Northern Italian town, quick-witted Filippo left his mother's lap soon after obtaining his driver's license. Once abroad, he masterminded his own process of de-italianisation, which was never meant to be. After dropping an academic career in the UK, he settled in Berlin, where he started to work in film and perform stand-up comedy. A stormy, temperamental and, at times, fine entertainer and host, Filippo has performed across Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the UK and the United States. ★★★★★ ABOUT DAN ★★★★★ Daniel Stern is an American living in Berlin. He is a former talk show host, a retired competitive eater, a screenwriter and a standup comedian. Stern sews absurd observations together with threads of unhinged wit; his performances are a frayed quilt of hilarious anarchy, earnest confessions and stories about riding the bus. He writes and performs sketch comedy, hosts all kinds of events, models and acts. Daniel podcasts with local news show Radio Spaetkauf and produces "Projectile!" every month. Stern once took last place behind three children in an NBA Summer League half time dance-off. https://www.sterndaniel.com/ ★★★★★ TICKETS ★★★★★ Tickets available on-line now : http://ilkino.de/movie-program/ ★★★★★ THE VENUE ★★★★★ IL KINO Berlin Nansenstrasse 22, 12047 Berlin, Germany https://www.facebook.com/ilkinoberlin/

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Berlin Expats // Drinks by the canal


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