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Hello everybody!

Would you like to practise your English and other languages whilst having a drink? Why not join us at The Language Conversation Meetup Group in Coruña?

Our goal is to gather a group of people interested in improving their English (and other languages) conversational skills outside the classroom in a much more relaxed environment. We normally meet at a cafe or any other suitable venue in Coruña to have a drink whilst chatting about anything and everything in English and other languages.

We have been doing this since 2007 and so far it’s been quite a success, with several meetups a week in different languages, not only English but also in French and Italian.

If you want to join us all you need is an e-mail address and a password. That’s all. We won’t ask you for any payment as it’s completely free. What are you waiting for?

We hope to see you soon.

Kind regards

José González

The Organiser

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Meetup d'Italiano

La Olímpica

Benvenuti al ‘Meetup d'Italiano’ dove ci incontriamo tutti i martedì per fare un po di conversazione in Italiano. Tipicamente la serata si svolge dalle 20.30 alle 22.30 con una decina di persone chiacchierando e bevendo qualcosa insieme a 'La Olimpica': C/ Rúa Alfredo Vicenti, 39.

Meetup Film Club: "Old Boy" (2003. Chan-wook Park)

• What we'll do Welcome to the Meetup Film Club! If you are enthusiastic about films and want to practise your English by watching and commenting on them, don't let this opportunity escape. The procedure is quite simple: 1.) Watch the film at home (or wherever) as many times as you want or need to. 2.) Join us to discuss the movie, share your favourite lines, debate the meaning behind the scene and so on. 3.) Send Jacobo Cancela a private message with your e-mail address if you have any question. • What to bring 1. Have watched the movie. 2. A smile :) • Important to know 1.We don't watch the movie on the event, we only speak about it. 2. We a re open to movie sugestions. 3. Respect the turns ;)

Deutschstammtisch — Meetup de alemán

El Universal

Hallo! Servus! Moin! Diese Meetup-Veranstaltung ist für alle, die sich gerne auf Deutsch unterhalten möchten. Das Hauptziel dieses Stammtisches ist den Deutschlernenden die Gelegenheit zu bieten, die deutsche Sprache in einer angenehmen, lockeren Atmosphäre anzuwenden und zu üben. Froh sind wir natürlich, auch Muttersprachler bei uns zu willkommen! · Wo? Wir treffen uns beim Café Universal (Travesía de San Andrés 1) · Wann? Wir starten um 19 Uhr. Wenn Dir 19 Uhr zu früh ist, kannst Du einfach später kommen — normalerweise bleiben wir ein paar Stunden da. Hört es sich interessant an? Dann melde Dich einfach an und komm mal Mittwoch vorbei!

Wednesday English meetup at 20:30


This is our regular Wednesday English meetup at Bergin in C/ Torreiro, 13. If you have any doubts, please send a message to organiser Jose Gonzalez. How does this work? We will begin the reunion at 20:30 (8:30 pm). If it is your first time, just introduce yourself to the organiser or to any of the members. After a while, we will be spread through the venue making small groups, moving around. You know, one of our mottos is to mingle so... mingle. Specially for new members: please do not feel disappointed if some meetuppers are not on time... this is a leisure activity and everybody is free to come/leave when they feel like. Just some polite reminders first... What is the meetup? * It's an English conversation meeting where you can practice the language in a relaxing atmosphere. * No English lessons; this is a leisure activity for chat and fun. * This is an open group; anybody of any age is welcome. * We are mostly learners but some of us are native speakers as well. * Any level of proficiency is welcome but intermediate skills (or upper) are desirable. If your knowledge of English is low but you're willing to learn, don't worry... motivation and interest are the keywords here! * Open timetable. We scheduled a starting time but you decide when to arrive and leave. * It's free. Well, you pay for your drinks. What do we expect from you as a meetupper? * Please sign up as a member, so we can get in contact and you can follow all the meetup events. * Don't be shy, all of us have had a first day too. * Show yourself as friendly, communicative and considerate of others. * Mingle with the rest of the people and avoid making closed groups. * Please pay special attention to the new members to make them feel comfortable within the group. Well folks, I think that's all... enjoy the meetup experience!! Feel free to ask organizer Jose Gonzalez for further information. We are on Facebook too: http://www.facebook.com/groups/51809717547/

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