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Hello everybody!

Would you like to practise your English and other languages whilst having a drink? Why not join us at The Language Conversation Meetup Group in Coruña?

Our goal is to gather a group of people interested in improving their English (and other languages) conversational skills outside the classroom in a much more relaxed environment. We normally meet at a cafe or any other suitable venue in Coruña to have a drink whilst chatting about anything and everything in English and other languages.

We have been doing this since 2007 and so far it’s been quite a success, with several meetups a week in different languages, not only English but also in French and Italian.

If you want to join us all you need is an e-mail address and a password. That’s all. We won’t ask you for any payment as it’s completely free. What are you waiting for?

We hope to see you soon.

Kind regards

José González

The Organiser

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Debido a la situación social actual y para evitar problemas futuros, todos los meetups en persona están cancelados hasta nuevo aviso. Si queréis seguir haciéndolos por vuestra cuenta u online, adelante, pero por favor respetad las normas de distancia y el uso de mascarilla. Por ahora no ha pasado nada, pero podría llegar ocurrir y creo que es mejor no correr riesgos. Más vale prevenir que curar. Hasta pronto. Due to our current social situation and to avoid future problems, all meetups in person are cancelled until further notice. If you want to keep doing them on your own or online, go ahead, but please respect social distancing and the use of face masks. Nothing has happened yet, but it could and I think it's better not to take risks. Better safe than sorry. See you soon.

Meetup Film Club: "Blue Velvet" (1986. David Lynch)

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• What we'll do Welcome to the Meetup Film Club! If you are enthusiastic about films and want to practise your English by watching and commenting on them, don't let this opportunity escape. The procedure is quite simple: 1.) Watch the film at home (or wherever) as many times as you want or need to. 2.) Join us to discuss the movie, share your favourite lines, debate the meaning behind the scene and so on. 3.) Send Jacobo Cancela a private message if you have any question. • What to bring 1. Have watched the movie. 2. A smile :) • Important to know 1.We don't watch the movie on the event, we only speak about it. 2. We a re open to movie sugestions. 3. Respect the turns ;)

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Meetup Film Club: "Paper Moon" (1973. Peter Bodganovich)

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