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Meetup for Internationals and Locals in Berlin!

This Community has been created to share the best moments with nice and open minded people with an international mindset. We share a wide range of activities in a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome.

The Meetups are all about meeting people in a laid back and social atmosphere. This Community is there for the New in Town just as well as the less New in Town In order to meet each other.

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Globetrotter Party

Prenzlauer Allee 185

Hello Everybody, this event is for all international poeple and germans living or visiting Berlin. Learning about different cultures, meeting new people and practising languages is the aim of the get together. Besides that, it is not only focused on people practising their language skills, but a place where people can network, make new friends, and talk about their passions and interests. So you are welcome to join the activity! :) Location: Kleiner Bruder - Prenzlauer Allee 185

Monday Social Meeting


Life is short, so let's Make new FRIENDS & Enjoy the Life. the event is dedicated to everybody living or visiting berlin, with a special focus on people with an International attitude. We have the aim of connecting people with similar interest here in Berlin! Everybody, who likes to meet new poeple on monday afternoon is welcome to join!

Wednesday Bar Meetup

Motel One Berlin Spittelmarkt

Hello Bar Lovers in Berlin, this event has been created to share the best moments with nice and open minded people with an international mindset. It doesn't matter if you just want to have a drink with somebody, if you want to make new friends or if you like discovering new places to go - this event is for everyone. Location: Motel One Meeting Time: 7pm - 11pm For any Questions you can contact me! Cheers Linda

New in Berlin - Internationals


Hey Internationals in Berlin, Everybody is welcome to join the event, to meet friends or likeminded poeple. The place is a perfect place to mingle, relax and enjoy. What better way to end a thursday, than having good time and meeting people from all over the world. Place: Tungos

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New in Berlin - Internationals