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The London Node.js User Group (LNUG) is A friendly monthly meetup for people using Node.js for fun or profit.

LNUG is the longest standing Node.js meetup in London and has been hosting first-class events for over 4 years. LNUG has welcomed speakers from all around the world and over time built up a truly global audience. Our commitment to the London Node.js community is as strong as ever and we are proud to offer a platform for the local rising stars of Node.js to share their expertise & network.

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LNUG #87 - August 2019

Conde Nast

LNUG is hosted at Condé Nast in Adelphi Building, 1-10 John Adam St ***Please note: you will not be allowed through security unless you are listed as "Attending" on this event*** ------------------------------- Security in Node.js Forbes Lindesay While working on large node.js projects, I’ve noticed that there is no clear answer to common questions like “how do I securely store passwords”. I’ve also noticed that all the popular frameworks lack key security features such as CSRF protection and Rate Limiting by default. It’s really easy to get security wrong, and it’s not your fault that this is so difficult. In this talk, I’ll present some practical steps you can take to secure your applications, including protecting against some of the most common attack vectors. I’ll also attempt to inspire you to think differently about what the defaults should be when you build new applications and libraries. We can make our code default to security; it doesn’t have to be this way. ABOUT ME I'm a tech lead at Threads Styling and maintain several large open source projects, such as Pug, atauthentication.com and atdatabases.org. My twitter handle is @ForbesLindesay ------------------------------------------ Indie Hacking with Postgraphile Thomas Ankcorn Sometimes I get jealous of the speed people can build complex apps with things like laravel/rails. Node is a great run time but it is arguably a more complex choice for your tech stack, there is no standout MVC framework that does it all for you, instead, there are lots of small specialised tools. I want to talk about one of those. It’s called Postgraphile. It lets you generate a GraphQL API from a schema in a Postgres database. By writing just a little SQL you can create an application that would take a long time to create normally! I'm going to show you how you can use it to build a meetup.com clone complete with JWT based authentication, real-time meetup ratings, and role-based access control. ABOUT ME I'm a senior software engineer at Near.st. We are building a real-time local inventory data platform to help small businesses fight back against the growth of online shopping. Outside of work, I'm chasing my life long dream of having a dog, and building silly things with javascript. Follow me on twitter here @thomasankcorn ------------------------------------------ Interested in speaking? Add a talk proposal as an issue at https://github.com/lnug/speakers Find out more: • http://lnug.org/ • https://twitter.com/LNUGorg • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-qjgj2TnRoI1ZmFFaN3FeQ • https://github.com/lnug ------------------------------------------ Thanks, as ever to the contributions from sponsors in our community: NearForm provide the Pizza and Drinks We are hosted by Condé Nast International Video Recording Sponsored by Pusher: You can view previous event talks and more by visiting the Pusher App YouTube channel! Pusher is a hosted service with APIs, developer tools and open source libraries that greatly simplify integrating real-time functionality into web and mobile applications. Pusher will automatically scale when required, removing all the pain of setting up and maintaining a secure, real-time infrastructure. Pusher is already trusted to do so by thousands of developers and companies like GitHub, MailChimp, the Financial Times, Buffer and many more. Getting started takes just a few seconds: simply go to pusher.com and create a free account. Happy hacking!

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LNUG #86 - July 2019

Conde Nast

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