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6 Week Mindfulness Course in Nature

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6 Week Mindfulness Course in Nature


Mindfulness is an amazing practice to help you reduce stress and anxiety, develop focus and concentration, improve sleep, better manage pain (physical and emotional), and basically find more joy!

This 6-week mindfulness course is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to practically incorporate mindfulness into their lives – from beginners to avid practitioners.

Together, we’ll uncover the realities of the present moment, the depths of our inner selves, and find out what we need to build stronger relationships and healthier communities.


✔️ Become better equipped to deal with strong emotions and the challenges of life.

✔️ Discover a truer version of yourself and gain the confidence to let the real you shine through.

✔️ Uncover what’s truly important to you and create a life that aligns with that.

✔️ Disconnect from pre-programmed responses, reactions, or ways of living life.

✔️ Create stronger and healthier relationships by showing up with more love, compassion, and patience.

✔️ Help create a better world, by becoming a more conscious and compassionate person.


❤️ One 90-min group session every week

🧡 Weekly guided meditation audios

💚 Workbook activities and journal prompts to deepen reflection, understanding, and aid with practice

💙 A community of others also exploring mindfulness

💜 A POD with who you can deepen exploration, learnings, and doubts (this will be organized in the course)

⚠️ PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN COMMITTING TO THE 6 WEEKS OF THE COURSE (this means joining us in-person for the sessions and also committing to a daily meditation practice - perfection not required 😉)

📅 WHEN: Every Thursday from June 10th to July 15th

🕙 SCHEDULE: Classes from 7:30-9 pm (classes may last a bit longer). If possible, stay a bit afterward for a cold drink or snack to get to know the others.

📍 WHERE: Near Parque Atenas down the hill from the Palace. We'll be in the grass between the kids' park and the water fountain across the street from the park. (See the pin on the map for the exact location.)

💰 COST: 50€ registration fee + donations (suggested donation 15€/session) Payment can be made in cash, by Bizum, PaylPal, or by bank transfer (see below details) Registration fee must be paid in full to confirm your spot in this course.

🚶‍♀️ WHAT TO BRING: something comfortable to sit on (a mat and cushion, a camping chair, a blanket, etc.), curiosity to explore your body, heart, and mind, the present moment, and to connect with others also exploring mindfulness.

👋 TEACHER: I'm Jo, I'm a certified Mindfulness and Yoga teacher. I love to create spaces to help people explore the present moment in super practical ways. I've found that the best way to truly learn about mindfulness is by learning a bit of theory, doing a lot of practice, and being part of a community of others on a similar path. I'm Canadian and have lived in Madrid for over 7 years. I speak English, Spanish, and French.

This course will be taught in English (with Spanish and French support available). A Spanish course will be offered soon. Send me a message if you'd like to be informed of the dates of the next course in Spanish.

For more information about the teacher, the course, or mindfulness in general, visit this page:

💸 To make payments by Bizum or bank transfer

  • In the concept, please write "Mindfulness Course"
  • Bizum: +34622326059
  • PayPal:
  • Bank Transfer: FULL NAME: Josee Perron IBAN: ES73 1465 0340 51 1720605619
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