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This is a group created for .NET developers with open source mind and willing to explore open source cross platform modern web development with .NET Core. We also love modern software architecture and design with DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Functional Programming, Microservices, Docker, K8s and much more.

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Community Edition Talks: CI/CD and Prometheus/Grafana

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Barcelona .NET Core Community Edition talks are back for the new year! We have 2 new interesting talks from 2 really good community members. As usual the talks will be in english. AGENDA 19.00 - 19.50 CI/CD with Octopus/Docker (Facundo Farias) At the very beginning of this year, at Holidog we didn't have any setup for CI/CD, and it was a manual procedure, which means, like in the 90s, a developer copying the compiled files into the IIS folder, and restarting the application. Of course, this task took a lot of time, more considering that for Holidog, we have 11 websites, and 6 staging environments. We have discovered Octopus, to automate the deployments, but it was still on promise, which means that every company should host its own instance. Then, we've been in touch with them, and we've enrolled in the beta program for the Cloud Solution, which was about to be launched. We have migrated all the deployment for Holidog using Octopus Cloud, and after that, we have started using the tool for other applications, for example using .NET Core (the previous application was .NET 4.5). Currently, the 90% of the deployment process it's automated, combining Octopus Cloud with Bitbucket Pipelines, using docker images to build and run tests, and then publishing the artifacts on Bitbucket Downloads and Octopus Cloud Repository. In this way, we have accelerated our deployment process, so now every time we want to deploy, it takes 5 minutes including automated tests, but also, it is less error prone because no manual intervention is required. Next steps? Move all the new application built on top of .NET Core to K8s, using docker for development but also for production. Facundo Farias Bio: I am from Argentina, but I've been in Barcelona for more than 4 years. I've worked at Intel Corporation as a Software Engineer, and then I moved here. Since then, I've worked on some startups here, and 6 months ago I became the CTO of Holidog, which is a french company based on Paris, but the tech hub is here, in Barcelona. https://www.linkedin.com/in/facufarias/ https://twitter.com/facundofarias 19.50 - 20.40 Monitoring Microservices with Prometheus/Grafana (Jordi Ruiz) We will see how we can monitor (and get alerted) our microservices using Prometheus, AlertManager and Grafana. During the session, we will create a small app that push some metrics: number of requests that we are dealing with, number of failing requests, etc. We will collect these metrics as well as metrics from the server, disk space, cpu, etc. using Prometheus. We will configure a dashboard in Grafana to see the collected metrics. Finally, we will configure AlertManager to alert us when something is failing. Jordi Ruiz Bio: My name is Jordi Ruiz, I am an independent software developer based in London working for a Swiss company called Mercuria Energy Trading S.A. My favourite stack, right now, is dotnet core, Angular, Docker, NServiceBus and Prometheus, but if you show me something different and convince me with great arguments I am willing to give it a try. I am one of these lucky guys who works in a team surrounded by giants who, in addition, are my friends. During my career (10+ years) I had the opportunity to work with big companies, such as BBC or Global Radio, as well as small StartUps like Fidio. Independently, the size of my customer I always try to deliver my work with great quality. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordiruizj https://twitter.com/jruizx 20.45 - 21.30 Networking with Food and Drinks

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