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Python September Meetup
# Talks 1) Deep learning for time series by Alexander Honchar (@alexrachnog) (English, 60 min) 10 years ago software was eating the world, today AI is eating the software. Machine learning is developing extremely quickly, especially such fields as computer vision, natural language processing, business oriented fields as recommendation systems and many others. In shadow of hyped areas like computer vision and NLP we can forget about another important source of data - signals, or time series. In this talk I want to review the world of applications of time series analysis (since application areas are not very known to the broad audience), discuss previous approaches (let’s call it “pre-deep-learning era”) and share my experience in using deep neural networks in bio signal analysis and financial forecasting. Apart of best practices I’ll show some important research paths that potentially can solve any time series related problems in the future. ----------- A bit about me: Currently I am AI Solution Architect in healthcare startup Mawi Solutions (, public speaker and blogger. My LinkedIn: My blog: 2) Microservices at scale by Jordi Soucheiron (@jordixou) (English, 30 min) In Skyscanner we operate hundreds of services and perform thousands of deploys a day. In this talk I'll try to cover what have we put in place to empower our team so we can focus on solving traveler problems. # Access Control - The security access control requires an attendee list. Provide your full name in your profile, otherwise you will be REMOVED from the list. - There are limited seats, please be responsible when signing up. If you can't make it, please free up your seat, so someone else can attend. We'll notice repeated offenders ;-) # More - We need talk proposals! Send yours: - Wanna publish a job offer? - Follow @PyBCN for pictures, slides and more:


Plaza Catalunya, 1 5th Floor - Module D · Barcelona

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