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Web design is that weird middle ground between being a creative, user experience type person and a programmer.

In this meetup, you'll meet others who live and thrive in this weird, ever-evolving, career. You'll learn the basics of HTML & CSS as well as advanced interactions and animations using a tool called Webflow.

We'll also have special guests explain how they deal with good and bad clients as well as how they continue to find clients.

Join this unique meetup!

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Using Webflow’s CMS to Create Websites Clients Love

Come learn how to create websites your clients will love to edit and fill with well designed content. Utilizing the power of Webflow’s CMS, we will create dynamic lists with ease. This same method can be used for creating one of a kind blogs and other database information on a website.

Building a custom ecommerce site from scratch without code

Union Cowork (San Marcos)

In this next North County San Diego Webflow meetup, we'll be doing another hands on Webflow workshop. The goal will be to create a custom ecommerce site from scratch without writing a single line of code. Please bring your laptop and battery charger for this free event. ------------ By attending this Webflow sponsored event, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Webflow Meetup Code of Conduct: https://webflow.com/events/code-of-conduct Need Help? Contact either the meetup organizer or Nelson ([masked]). ------------ http://webflow.com http://university.webflow.com http://twitter.com/webflow http://youtube.com/webflow

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Building a custom portfolio site from scratch without code

Union Cowork (San Marcos)

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