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This group is for people who want to explore how your body gives you access to learning. I'm passionate about getting people out of their head and into their body to unleash their full potential. If you spend too much time in your head thinking--this group is for you!

We will explore activities and topics that move your body and help you get new insights on how you relate to people, who you are, your natural strengths, and how your body can support you and bring you new awareness. My aim is that participants take away a new way of learning through being in your body, being with each other and being present in the moment.

Workshops and events will be a blend of my passions for being with nature, experiential learning, improvisation, agility games and explorer in all things related to the body, including aikido, tai chi, qigong, conscious dance. I hope you'll join us to have some fun!

To learn more visit: www.CatherinePeloquin.com

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Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing): nature immersion for your health

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20,00 CHF

The Meet Up location will be within 30 minutes of Basel (via public transport.) Shinrin Yoku is a nature immersion clinically proven to improve your health and wellbeing. Benefits can include stress reduction, clarity and restoration. As a Forest and Nature Therapy Guide, I’ll open the door to allow you to experience nature in a new way for yourself and your life. Shinrin Yoku was developed in Japan in the 1980s and multiple clinical studies show this "forest bathing" trend has many health benefits. During this 3-hour nature immersion, you will "take in the forest atmosphere" to receive nature as medicine. To facilitate your immersion, I will gladly carry your mobile phones so you can disconnect and reconnect with yourself, nature and the people present. I will offer a series of invitations - ideas to help you get present and be with nature and see what gifts or medicine it may give you. We will end with a traditional tea ceremony. Bring a water bottle if you’d like and dress in layers as we will not move that much. It is NOT a hike, but a slow being with, standing and sitting in nature. I will offer a sitting invitation so if you want to bring something small to sit on (cloth or paper), you’re welcome to do so. I will only cancel if there is significant rain. I’ve learned leading Shinrin Yoku in the sprinkles or mist is amazing because we traditionally do not experience nature in this way. Accepting Mother Nature as she is opens new awareness. Donations of 20 to 40 CHF appreciated (based on the value of the experience to you.) To be collected at the end of the walk. I look forward to guiding you on this journey.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study - how childhood trauma impacts health

Adverse Childhood Experiences and the ACE study discussion - how childhood trauma impacts your long-term health Alexandra Pastollnigg was a finalist to share a brief 3 minute speech at TedX Basel in May on the topic of ACE - Adverse Childhood Experiences. This term was coined from a leading research study (the ACE study) which looked at the long-term health and social impacts of childhood trauma. Alexandra will share how learning about this study a year ago has impacted her personally and how she now strives to manage health and wellbeing as a result. Alexandra will go into a bit of the research and how trauma impacts your body. We will dedicate the time to Alexandra sharing her speech she prepared for Tedx as well as an open discussion on the research. Of course, we’ll also include an embodiment exercise to help us all restore in the context of this event. This is an important topic and I am grateful Alexandra has a passion for building awareness around this landmark research which impacts the field of somatic coaching. If attendance is strong, we will secure a rental space and appreciate donations to cover that cost. I hope you can join us for an event that continues to explore our Body of Knowledge.

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