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Creative Clues. How to run a co-creation session with ideation stickers
Learn how to use visual stimuli to generate more ideas, improve teamwork sessions, enhance user research and visualize journey maps. 💡⚡💡 Creative Clues (now on Kickstarter 📈) are over 350 text and illustration stickers designed for Design Thinking workshops. During this 2-hours hands-on session you will go through a design thinking process using stickers as an input for thoughts. Teams will work on a specific challenge and use the sticker sets such as metaphors and symbols, touchpoints, human needs and technology. We will have 15 sticker sets to use during the Meetup and to distribute after the session. If you facilitate workshops or simply participate in team meetings, you will find Creative Clues really useful, so go ahead and save your Meetup spot. To find out more about the project go to 👈🏽 👈🏻 👈 📸 To see more Clues in action, follow us on Instagram @creative.clues ❓ Who's running the workshop? ANDRZEJ KAREL I am the founder of TAK Innovation Agency. In Polish tak means yes, and we support organizations with saying yes to creativity. TAK is based in Berlin. We mainly focus on the Polish and German markets and on business collaboration between the two countries. I worked in Service Design and Design Thinking projects and workshops with companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Nike, Danfoss, Klöckner & Co, Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, UCANDO/ Hella and TOP500 Innovators Poland. I'm an alumnus of the Advanced Track at HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam. I am T-Shaped person and a divergent thinker: I initiate and manage projects, facilitate workshops and explore opportunities as a user researcher. As a father of two boys I share their enthusiasm for stickers :) Thank you for your interest in Creative Clues. Don't hesitate to drop me a line! best, Andrzej ❓ Where? Native Instrument's event space at Schlesische Str. 30 (back) Thanks Native for providing the space and the drinks!

Native Instruments

Schlesische Str. 30 · Berlina

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