Próximo Meetup

Bring Your Own Discussion Topic(s)
Note: We moved our usual third Wednesday event to November 28th to avoid scheduling on the day before Thanksgiving. Let's meet again to think and speak about topics that you might not have the opportunity to discuss anywhere else. As usual, we will talk about whatever we want. Eat if you want, think, and be merry. Would you be willing to donate $1.00 or more to assist with Meetup organizer dues? Thanks for any financial support that you are willing to provide! If you prefer to meet at other times, you are welcome to contact the organizer to assist in hosting other events.

Panera Bread

1128 W 103rd St · Kansas City, MO

Lo que hacemos

This group is for Libertarian Freethinkers to get together and socialize. We welcome Libertarians, Voluntaryists, Minarchists, Anarchists and everyone who loves liberty. We are non-religious, so Atheists, Deists, and the generally unfaithful will fit in. We like to questions things, and sometimes debate the finer points of morality.