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We run regular meet ups geared towards information and knowledge sharing. We have a strong focus on agile delivery, so many of our meetups reflect being and doing agile from a delivery and project management perspective. We often have major speakers take the stage, lively Q&A's, games workshops for learning and other events all oriented around creating an active professional community where we can learn and share with each other.

We're a friendly group of professionals with a mixed level of experience, and we do our best to ensure that discussions are kept lively and fun.

DPML are proud supporters of Agnostic Agile: http://agnosticagile.org (http://agnosticagile.org/)

The DPML Team

Extra information:

Here's some things you can expect to experience at our meetups:

• Learn about Project and Programme Management (with a Digital emphasis)

• Agile delivery, its many manifestations, and what Agile Project Management actually means and is relevant for

• Learn about different delivery frameworks, methodologies and their associated challenges

• Discuss the value and relevance of more traditional project delivery frameworks such as PRINCE2, and how they measure up and to the Agile world

• Can Agile scale up to the enterprise portfolio level, how?

• Assess and understand each others experiences, challenges and learn how to overcome some of your own

• Have access to experienced Project and Programme Managers and ask them your questions for advice and feedback

• Grow your network, discover new PM tools, share information and increase your level of knowledge and expertise

Join if you're interested in any of the above topics, if you would like to increase your PM network or learn how other PMs get things done.


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No longer distant cousins. Agile working with Finance

The worlds of agile and finance often feel like distant cousins. Yet, considering the uncertainties of the business environment, they should be interlinked. Interlinked to enable organisations are making the right decisions, with the right people, at the right time, and with the right funds. This talk will explore how to: - Start conversations that’ll create stronger links between agility and finance, and how to keep their shared journey on track. - Help create shorter funding cycles that’ll enable teams to strike the right balance between knowledge value and customer value - Ensure every discussion, choice and activity increases confidence that team goals will benefit the bottom-line and increase customer satisfaction - Help move your organisation from cost-based accounting to value-based outcome-driven accounting - Reduce centralised budgeting to allow greater freedom that enables the discovery of new value propositions - Help create a financial governance structure that support teams in adapting to change over following a plan Agenda: 18:30-18:50: Arrivals 18:50-18:55: Intros 18:55-19:55: The Talk 19:55-20:05: Q&A 20:05+: Free Pizza, Drinks, and Mingling ABOUT SPEAKER DEAN LATCHANA Dean is an Agile Transformation Coach currently working at Sainsbury's in London. He support organisations to succeed in a dynamic market by helping them to develop awareness and ways of working that are contextual to their needs. He advises and guides organisations to gain a new set of competencies so they can continuously re-optimise to an ever-changing business landscape. He co-develops change to remove organisational debt to create the focus for innovation. ABOUT THE VENUE This event is sponsored by our friends at Zone and hosted at their office in King's Cross. Zone is a cutting edge CX agency that knows digital is mission critical to businesses in every sector. Bringing creative zest and tech innovation together, this multi-award-winning organisation creates digital transformation projects for international brands including BMW, adidas, and Electrolux. Please ensure you provide your name for access to the venue.

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