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Functional Programming Workshop


Hola que tal! estamos muy emocionados de poder invitarlos al taller de Programación Funcional, sabemos que Java ha ido implementando ideas de este paradigma y conocerlas mas a fondo nos ayudara a mejorar como programadores, sin contar que conociéndolas va ser mas sencillo saltar a lenguajes como Kotlin, Clojure, Scala etc.

  • El workshop será completamente en ingles y debes de traer tu laptop para poder realizar los ejercicios.
  • Tiene un costo de $400.00 pesos (para cubrir el costo del lugar) y lugares bastante limitados por lo que si te interesa no dudes en enviar mensaje para que te demos información de como inscribirte.

A continuación mas información del taller:

Functional Programming (FP) is a programming paradigm that is now embraced by nearly all modern languages in nearly all domains, from application development to web engineering, data analysis to compiler and DSL implementations, and even in low-level hardware engineering for FPGA and ASIC. We find ideas from FP in programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Python and JavaScript among many others, giving us additional tools to design our applications in a safer, less error prone, more scalable, and, crucially, more rapid manner.

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of functional programming in a classical functional language: Standard ML (SML). SML is a small and delightful language that comes with a minimal set of constructs and concepts. Not insisting on purity, it also allows programmers to use mutable data and side effects if desired, easing the learning curve. We will teach you some of the key ideas underlying data design and algorithms in FP, illustrating them in their most concise and cleanest form. You shall then be able to better related those concepts to their incarnation in your favourite programming language, and appreciate the benefits that FP brings to software engineering as a discipline.

The workshop will be led by PhD Frank Zeyda who has previously taught at UK institutions and has made numerous contributions to R&D in supporting formal methods and rigorous engineering of software via mathematical theories, approaches and tools.

The workshop will be entirely in English and you will need to bring a laptop in order to participate in the exercises done in small teams. We will have three individual lecture session interleaved with three practical sessions and an hours lunch break around 12pm.

There is a pub crawl after the event that you are welcome to join us to.

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