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IIF meetup group links investors and founders over the world and directly between Switzerland and Barcelona, Spain.  Feel free  join to: in Geneve 

 The investors and founders mission is to provide a unique business opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to network to create long lasting friendships, and build their success circle

Our program offers you more value for your time, and resources because in addition to gaining valuable and credible business contacts that will help you to weather the storm of the current economy, we also help you to become a stronger business owner. Most importantly, we help you to create targeted co-marketing bonds with other members that will work to drive new customers to your business. We do this through a tested program where we share best practices and ideas. We meet to maximize member’s success.

We offer to investors (private equity groups, hedge funds, individual investors etc) the best opportunities in Barcelona, Spain and other locations with ​​real value and return on investment supported by the financial strategy and minimization riesk 

if you are an investor please contact me directly and we will offer you personalized and customized attention  to your needs

 By focusing on the entrepreneurs and investors sector we can create a much higher level of quality referrals and joint working, and offer a real value-added service to all our customers and clients. However, Barcelona investors&entrepreneurs Network is not just another business networking group, the benefits go way beyond that – including promotional events, online marketing and printed directory.

It is open to all investment and professions- Don't forget your business cards!