Edition #2 at In The Pocket Headquarters

Ghent Inclusive Design Meetup
Ghent Inclusive Design Meetup
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In The Pocket

Sassevaartstraat 46 · Gand

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# Schedule for the evening

⌚️18.00: Doors open / Food sponsored by In The Pocket

⌚️18.55: Short introduction by Roel Van Gils (Eleven Ways)

⌚️19.00: Talk 1 — "What we can learn from using speech recognition to navigate a website" by Sophie Schuermans (Senior Accessibility Specialist at AnySurfer).

When designing with accessibility in mind, we design for people using a very wide array of assistive technology.

In this talk, Sophie will explore how users of speech recognition can interact with a website. What makes it easy and what makes it hard or impossible to complete a task? What should you pay attention to when you design or code your website? Are the needs of a screenreader user and those of a speech recognition user similar or different?

⌚️19.20: Talk 2 — "Strategies to Optimizing Accessibility in Single Page Web Applications" by Maël Brunet (Front-end Developer working on Design Systems, working at Keytrade Bank Belgium)

Web apps built with Javascript frameworks don't always have the best track record on delivering accessible interfaces. This talk will explore ways in which frameworks API and tooling can be leveraged to improve the accessibility of your next application.

⌚️19.40: Talk 3 — "Designing with the Colorblind in Mind will improve your Design for Everyone" by Tom van Beveren (founder at We Are Colorblind)

About 4% of the population has some form of colour blindness. One in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colour blind and face challenges with a lot of online products like websites, apps, games, and webshops in their daily life. Thankfully, designing for the colourblind doesn’t have to be difficult.

In this talk, Tom explains how colour blindness works, gives examples of what does and doesn't work for the colourblind and shows how designing with the colourblind in mind will also improve your design for everyone.

Tom is the founder of We are Colorblind and wants to make the world a better place for the colourblind. Colorblind himself (deuteranopia), he has a background as a UX Designer with a strong focus on holistic and inclusive design.

⌚️20.00: Talk 4 — "Designing Inclusive Products using Platform Components" by Niels Boey (Product Designer at In The Pocket)

As a designer in a digital product studio, you are constrained by limited time and budget. Accessibility is often seen as an afterthought, but our mobile operating systems are packed with inclusive components. We’ll explore how to make better design choices and ensure that your digital products are accessible to all users.

⌚️20.20: Q&A with all speakers

⌚️20.40: Drinks

# How to get there?

- In The Pocket is located at Sassevaartstraat 46/401, 9000 gent
- Underground parking Indigo Dok Noord
- On walking distance of train station Gent Dampoort