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What we’re about

The Ghent Inclusive Design Meetup is about bringing together like-minded digital professionals in a casual setting of sharing, learning and enjoying a beer or soda.

In twenty-minute sessions, three community members or industry experts will share a story, idea or something cool they've made. There are no rules, but here are some topics we like to talk about, so you get an idea: 

• Inspiring stories and first-hand experiences 
• Inclusive UX/UI Design (Web, Mobile, Voice, AR/VR etc.) 
• User research with people with a disability  
• Workflows, best practices and methodologies
• Accessible design systems, front-end frameworks and other tools  
• Up-to-date info on guidelines, legislation and compliance goals 
• Building an accessibility culture in your organization

We strive to bring you a healthy mix of design, technical and inspirational talks.

The GID Meetup is for everyone:

• UX/UI designers, strategists & researchers 
• Product & service designers 
• Web & app developers 
• Community managers & online marketeers 
• Product owners & project managers 
• Everyone else interested (or involved) in Accessibility and/or Digital Equality.

We hope to meet you soon at one of our meetups! 👋