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Interactivity, at first glance, seems to be all about notions of ‘freedom’ or ‘choice’ for an audience - choosing a role, or a path or an outcome. Stories, on the other hand, seem to be all about making those choices for you.

How boring.

Stories have held their own for quite a long time however, and do seem to still be fairly popular. In all sorts of media, interactive experiences are searching for narrative, while narrative experiences are playing with interactivity. What’s the middle ground? Where’s the ‘play’ in sitting politely and quietly, watching a play? How meaningful can a story be if there’s more than one ending? Does an audience really want to be free?

Coming at this question as a writer, a coder, a theatre maker and a game fan, Glyn Cannon will explore this with a short presentation that might possibly involve some performance, but no audience participation. We promise. Well… maybe a little…

See you there!


Glyn Cannon has been a playwright and theatre maker for over a decade, with his work performed all over the UK, as well as in Australia and the US. His plays include ‘On Blindness’ produced by three leading UK theatre companies, Graeae, Paines Plough and Frantic Assembly, and ‘Gone’, a version of Sophocles’ Antigone that won awards from The Scotsman and Guardian newspapers at the Edinburgh Fringe before transferring to the West End in London.

In recent years, he has been working on several projects with Coney, a London company that has created award-winning online/offline adventures for a wide variety of audiences, as well creating and delivering his own educational projects for groups ranging from primary school children to international PR execs.

He is also a self-taught web developer and designer, building a variety of small-scale projects for a range of clients in Cambridge and London, under the name of his company Bodja.

More at http://www.glyncannon.com or http://www.bodja.com