What we're about

CamCreatives embraces a diverse group of interests including design, arts, media, literature, publishing, photography, multimedia, performing arts, and culture.

Our evenings are about relaxed, friendly socialising and networking. Come along to hear people's stories and learn about the extensive variety of forms creativity can take. We're a wide and diverse group of friendly people, and new people turn up every month so don't worry about being the only newbie!
Events are on the Third Tuesday of each month at the Blue Moon, Norfolk Street, Cambridge.
If you decide not to attend do please update your RSVP on this website to release your place for someone else.

Our aims are:
• To provide the Creative and Tech sectors of Cambridgeshire with a credible regional, national and international profile.
• To encourage collaboration in and across sectors - good things happen at the edges!
• To attract new business and new talents to the Creative and Tech sectors
• To highlight the dynamism of our members
• To create solid and sustainable growth in the economy
• To develop new wealth creation, training and job opportunities
• Feel free to suggest new speakers - including yourself!

Upcoming events (2)

The Future of Creative Work: How we can inspire and support the next generation?

Join us for a conversation with leaders from Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, Form The Future, and the Shift Momentum Ignite Programme as they discuss the future of creativity, work, and how we can inspire and support the next generation of creatives.

In this interactive event, you will learn about:

  • The importance of creativity in the 21st century
  • How to nurture creativity and critical thinking in young people
  • The role of businesses in supporting creative futures

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share your own ideas.

This event is for those interested in learning more about the future of creativity and how they can support the next generation of creatives.

Register today!

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About our panel of speakers:

Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI), an arts and well-being charity founded in 2007, works to build creatively healthy communities. Children and young people and their communities are at the heart of the charity’s work. Artscaping, the practice of exploring and thinking in nature developed by CCI, has been shown to develop creativity and also important, proactive behaviours that are good for our health and our planet.


Form The Future is a social enterprise that works with young people to find their route through education into employment, and provide employers access to their future talent. Form The Future's programmes are designed to help young people find their voice, to develop their confidence, and to create a positive impact on the world. Form The Future believes that creativity is essential for a thriving society, and that young people are the key to the future.


Inspire 2 Ignite is a programme that helps young young people get started in business because they are the future of business! From learning the fundamentals of working for yourself through to building a business plan with a go-to-market strategy, the IGNITE Programme helps young people develop the skills to successfully launch a business of their own; or the skills they learn will help them develop into better employees for existing businesses, having a much better understanding of the demands and requirements of running a business.


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Creativity & Conflict: Producing Art in Palestine

The Blue Moon

When words fail, art speaks.

Can art be a tool for positive change in areas of conflict?

Are those under occupation able to tell their stories through creativity?

How can the leading visual artists from Gaza share their stories, motivations, frustrations and realities of being artists under siege?

Nick Welsh is Head of Communications at Amos Trust, a small creative human rights organisation working in Palestine. His job is to raise awareness of the horrors of home demolitions, the Separation Wall, restrictions on freedom of movement and the daily impact of life under occupation.

He works alongside artists, musicians and chefs to advocate and campaign for Palestinian equal rights and an end to the Israeli government’s apartheid policies.

In conversation with Paul Smith they will focus on street art in the West Bank, visual art in Gaza and why Banksy decided to open a hotel and art gallery in Bethlehem. Please join us.

Nick set up Mono Industries, a small design practice, in 1994, following a few years working in the music industry. Concentrating on graphic design, branding, film and web projects, Nick worked across the arts, tech, professional services and third sectors.

In 2014, he started work as Head of Communications at Amos Trust, a small creative human rights organisation working mainly in Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza Strip). Nick is a co-founder of the Early Night Club in Cambridge and DJs regularly.