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CamCreatives embraces a diverse group of interests including design, arts, media, literature, publishing, multimedia, performing arts, and culture.

Our evenings are about relaxed, friendly socialising and networking. Come along to hear people's stories and learn about the extensive variety of forms creativity can take. We're a wide and diverse group of friendly people, and new people turn up every month so don't worry about being the only newbie!

Events are on the LAST WEDNESDAY of each month at the CUC Wine Bar, Granta Place, Cambridge.

If you decide not to attend do please update your RSVP on this website to release your place for someone else.

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Our aims are:

• To provide the Creative and Tech sectors of Cambridgeshire with a credible regional, national and international profile.

• To encourage collaboration in and across sectors - good things happen at the edges!

• To attract new business and new talents to the Creative and Tech sectors

• To highlight the dynamism of our members

• To create solid and sustainable growth in the economy

• To develop new wealth creation, training and job opportunities

• Feel free to suggest new speakers - including yourself!

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Whose Brand Is It Anyway?

CUC Wine Bar

The journey of a brand. We all know the importance of a strong graphic identity - many corporates pay a small fortune for their logo, and a large fortune protecting it from would-be imposters. But that's not what branding is about. Branding exists in how a company or organisation is perceived by its customers - not how much a logo costs. So what do you do when a similar sounding company appears, causing confusion and headaches in your world? You look to the heart of your brand - your customers. Join us this month as Anne Beamish and Steve Linford tell the story of how Indie Cambridge discovered their true identity by talking to their customers, and how it changed not only the brand but their business model too. https://independent-cambridge.co.uk/ ----- 7:30 pm - Start for socialising, nibbles, and bar 8:00 pm - Talk / discussion starts 9:00 pm - Talk/discussion wrap-up, time for more socialising and nibbles 9:30 pm - Finish ----- See you there!

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