• Handsome Frank & Friends: Making your way in illustration

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    What do you want to know about a career in illustration? We are opening the session up to a panel of illustrators Dario Fisher, Abi Stevens and Rich Gemmell.

    On the panel we also have Jon Cockley (co-founder) from Handsome Frank Illustration Agency who work with many of the best illustrators and biggest clients around the world. We will be asking them how an illustration agent works with you to build your profile and connect you to some of the biggest brands.

    We really want everybody to be a part of this event, think of a question that will help you and others understand illustration in the digital world.

    Dario Fisher
    Previously an Illustrator, print maker and graphic designer with 12 years’ experience and now working for Handsome Frank as an illustration Agent, based in Cambridge. He’s created a series of illustrations 'Tails of the Sea' that later became limited edition screen prints and artwork for 'Cow's about Cambridge' sculpture trail in 2020.

    Abi Stevens
    An illustrator/maker based in Suffolk who creates vibrant, powerful digital illustrations. Her work is often inspired by art forms such as stained glass windows and illuminated manuscripts. She also enjoys embedding hidden details into her work referring to mythology, folklore, the language of flowers, and spiritual symbolism such as Tarot.

    Rich Gemmell
    A digital artist for over 14 years, Rich creates characterful, warm digital paintings and sketches around his favourite themes of nature and landscapes, travel, food, and urban scenes. He uses his own website and a shop on the Etsy platform to sell limited edition prints.

    Handsome Frank Illustration Agency
    Founded in 2010 by cousins Jon & Tom, like all the best ideas it started with a conversation in the pub. They now represent over 40 illustrators, spread across five continents, and have worked with some of the biggest brands and agencies that include; Apple, Adobe, BBC and Chanel to name but a few.


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