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This group is for anyone interested in open source search, logging, analytics & data visualization. We primarily focus on these open source projects — Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats (www.elastic.co/products) — but we welcome talks on any aspect of data exploration.

We want to hear from you — and so do other meetup members!

Present about your Elastic Stack stories, be it a lightning talk or a 25-45 minute presentation with Q&A. Our Speaker Guide (https://eemrich.gitbooks.io/elastic-user-gr... (https://eemrich.gitbooks.io/elastic-user-group-speaker-guidelines/content/)) is full of tips on giving a stellar presentation. If you’re interested visit the elastic/call-for-meetups repo ( https://github.com/elastic/call-for-meetups ).

Local community organizers wanted! [Only applicable if we don’t have a current organizer]

We’d love to have this user group meet more regularly, so we’re looking for a local organizer who will help the group thrive, and the Community Team at Elastic is here to support you. If you’re interested email us at meetups@elastic.co.

We know that people enjoy giving back to the communities they care about, so we've created this guide to help you (https://www.elastic.co/community/usergroupg... (https://www.elastic.co/community/usergroupguide#overview)get) started on your path to starting a Meetup.com user group.

What you’ll gain by being a Community Organizer?:

Public speaking experience

Community leadership and contribution

Networking opportunities

Learn new technical use cases and share your expertise

Special Elastic swag (and bragging rights, of course).


Be a fan of Elastic and possess motivation to help build the community

Commit to organizing the user group for at least one calendar year (at least 3-4 meetups a year)

Attend the meetup.

Help find speakers and hosts (Elastic can help connect you with other users)

Create meetup.com announcement (Elastic can help promote)

Order food & beverages (Elastic is happy to sponsor)

Host a meetup:

Hosting a meetup at your office, is another way to get more involved with the community. This is a great way to showcase your space (especially if you’re trying to recruit). Your facilities don't need to be fancy — we're looking for a comfortable vibe, a projector, screen, chairs, and a place to serve refreshments. Email meetups@elastic.co if you’re interested.

Learn more about Elastic

Elastic Community: https://www.elastic.co/community

Monthly Community Newsletter: https://www.elastic.co/community/newsletter

Discussion Forums: https://discuss.elastic.co/

Code of Conduct

This Meetup community adheres to the Elastic Community Code of Conduct (https://www.elastic.co/community/codeofcond... (https://www.elastic.co/community/codeofconduct)). Attendance to events run as part of this Meetup group means you agree to be an awesome human and engage by these rules.

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150+ TB clusters & ES as main/cache data store - Elastic{Meetup} #45 - Geneva

This meetup will be hosted by Pictet Group (https://www.group.pictet). # Schedule • 18:30 Welcome, Networking • 18:55 Intro • 19:00 The Road to 150+ TB clusters by Loïc Dumont • 19:30 REX: 3 years in PROD with ElasticSearch as main and cache data store by Sylvain Laurent • 20:00 Networking, Beer, Snacks # Talks ## The Road to 150+ TB clusters by Loïc Dumont (Pictet) For the past five years, we have been managing two Elasticsearch clusters to collect logs and metrics across our data centers. In this talk, we will present you the evolution of our clusters from the beginning to today and our plans for the future. We will also talk about the different challenges related to running big clusters. ## REX: 3 years in PROD with ElasticSearch as main and cache data store by Sylvain Laurent (Pictet) After living more than 3 years in Production with ES, the Digital Platform team has a few stories to tell: production operations, data loading strategies, data modeling choices, automated integration tests, Java/Spring client applications, choosing between MongoDB and ES... This presentation will NOT be about new features or best practices with the latest ES version, but rather day-to-day practices and choices of a small development team that has been using ES for its applications. We hope to see you there!

Elastic SIEM - Elastic{Meetup} #46 - Zurich

Homegate AG

This meetup will be hosted by Homegate AG (https://www.homegate.ch). # Schedule • 19:00 Welcome, Networking • 19:15 Intro • 19:20 An Introduction to Elastic SIEM - Elvis Saravia • 19:50 The hidden gotchas of AWS Elasticsearch offering -Dmytro Yurchenko • 20:20 Networking, Beer, Snacks # Presentations ## An Introduction to Elastic SIEM - Elvis Saravia In this talk, we will introduce Elastic SIEM which introduces a new security analytics solution which forms part of the available applications in Kibana. Elastic SIEM, which is offered for free as part of the default distribution, offers security practitioners features such as new data integrations, intuitive ways to triage events, network-related security event analysis, interactive and composable timeline event viewers for collaborative threat hunting. Other related topics in this talk will include Elastic Common Schema (ECS) for data normalisation and how SIEM integrates with other components of the Elastic Stack such as Machine Learning. ## The hidden gotchas of AWS Elasticsearch offering - Dmytro Yurchenko In this talk we will share our experience of working with AWS flavor of managed Elasticsearch service as well as the pitfalls we have discovered while building our search notifications system around it. As Homegate is building its applications using AWS platform, the choice of AWS Elasticsearch service seemed only natural. However all the challenges we have faced in application development and operational maintenance keep feeding our motivation to look for an alternative Elasticsearch service provider. We hope to see you all there!

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