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De quoi s'agit-il

This group is to explore famous and underground bars in Lyon, come if you want to socialize, drink a beer , explore Lyon and meet nice people.

Pub Crawling is a very fun activity that consist on making a tour of bars on a specific city.Basically you drink one or two beers in one bar, then you change to another one, an another one,and so one all night long. Is a very cool activity in order to meet new people, socialize and having a wonderful and unforgettable time. The fact that you switch the bar every hour implies that you will be able to meet all people coming to the meetup.

However this Pub Crawl is slightly different !!!; every pub crawl last step is a Concert, the style varies with every meetup, so we close the night with an Awesome party that you can't miss.

We are a group of Internationals in Lyon, we meet once each two weeks to explore Lyon's bars and pubs, drink some beers/wines, socialize, make some networking and a have a good time. Lyon is very rich in Bars and nightlife, join us and explore it !

If you live in Lyon, and you like hanging out in the night, you are open to meet new people,you like multicultural atmosphere,  you like to party, dance, go to concerts, explore music,explore bars, drink beer, or simply have a good time, this is the group for you. Come and celebrate with us !.