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De quoi s'agit-il

Innovation in Asset Management is a meetup dedicated to bringing together professionals willing to keep updated with the latest innovations of the global Asset Management industry. It is also a networking event gathering investors and professionals.

We believe these regular events will create positive interactions among the community: 

- every year new players enter the market, each of them bringing innovative methodologies that would gain to be shared,

- the Parisian place is rich of world-class talents in asset management and quantitative finance that would gain to be on view,

-  Big Data is revealing technical innovations bringing new paradigms to the whole Asset Management industry.

In this context, each of our meetups will aim at spotlighting the most active and promising Innovators in the field. 

Our members and speakers include Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Investors, Funds, Consultants, Academics, Students and institutions.

See you soon,