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De quoi s'agit-il

A supportive way to explore your issues with other men, discover what masculinity means to you, make new friends and connections, and benefit from this unique collective experience. Some men find one-on-one therapy intimidating and prefer the support of a group of people who may be struggling with the same questions. 
• Create a support network
• Enjoy illuminating discussions with your peers
• Find a safe space to practice and enhance social skills which can be applied to daily life
A new therapy group is about to start and spaces are available.
The group is open to men from any faith or culture. Straight, gay, single, married, divorced – whatever your status, you will benefit from the group if you are curious and committed to discovering more about yourself. If you are willing to listen to others and able to give and receive feedback, you will gain greater self-awareness and insight into the habitual roles, patterns and beliefs which may be preventing you from leading a rewarding life.
The group can support you with anger/rage issues, addiction, depression, loneliness, relationship problems or simply if you want to discover and learn more about your journey through life as a man.
My specialty is bodywork, and my intention is to help you express emotions and/or ideas primarily through body movements and arts, complemented by verbal communication.