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Do you like beer?
Do you like running?
Do you like drinking beer and running?
Then Hashing is for you!!!

What is Hashing?
We are a drinking club with a running problem. On a Hash, we enjoy the sights of the Paris area and its surroundings while running together on a trail. We’ll have at least one beer stop along the way, and again at the end of trail.

One or two hashers called Hares – lay a trail with chalk or flour markings. The pack (called Hounds) then follow the markings to try and find the beer!
On a typical hash trail we travel anywhere from 5 to 15km and most trails are walker friendly.

We run every weekend - alternating Saturdays and Sundays.
You can also join us for a drink every Thursday night at TNDC.

For more misinformation on hashing in the wider Paris area, visit our webshites or


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