une journée avec Jan Karremans (EDB) et Bertrand Drouvot (Digora)

Paris Province Oracle Meetup
Paris Province Oracle Meetup
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Bonjour , nous vous proposons une journée complète autour des technologies PostgreSQL pour les DBA oracle (et pas que :) nous ne sommes pas sectaires!).

Nous recevrons deux présentateurs Jan Karremans (Oracle ACE alumni) qui est un ancien DBA Oracle converti vers PostgresSQL, ainsi que Bertrand Drouvot (Oracle ACE alumni)

La journée se déroulera en trois parties (présentations, finalisé par un bootcamp):

Active Session History in PostgreSQL: why?, how? and use cases (Bertrand)

PostgreSQL provides session activity. However, in order to gather activity behavior, users have to sample the pg_stat_activity view multiple times.

Furthermore, it could be even more useful to link the session activity to the sql statistics (coming from pg_stat_statements): that would provide the ability to easily drill-down to the sqls activity from a general overview of the database activity.

Over an historical period of time, it could useful to answer questions like:

Which backend type was taking most time?
What wait events type were taking most time?
What wait events were taking most time?
Which application name was taking most time?
What was a session doing?
Which session was blocking which one?
How long has a session been blocked?
What does a SQL statement wait for?
How many sessions were running in CPU?
Which database was taking most time?
On which wait event was the session waiting for?
And so on….

In this session, a brand new extension will be presented (see https://github.com/pgsentinel/pgsentinel for more details)

Comparing PostgreSQL to Oracle (Jan) :

The best kept secrets to success
There is a lot of disruption going on at present time. These changes range from "the
adoption to big data", through “migration to the cloud” and focus shifts within businesses.
Creating opportunities to explore and adopt all these changes are important. Renewal of
legacy systems and opportunities to build new applications, are important but can be very
expensive. Using a smart alternative data platform can help you out.
In this session you will see the possibilities of PostgreSQL in the EnterpriseDB Postgres
Server edition. You will be able to asses if this platform is the right alternative for you to
disrupt your operation and open doors to new success.

EDB Postgres Bootcamp (Jan) :
Add Postgres to your Oracle skills!
EnterpriseDB offers the only enterprise-ready, integrated open source database platform in
the world. Hardened for the enterprise EDB Postgres offers reliability, scalability and high
availability for mission critical environments.
The EDB Postgres BootCamp is a 1-day workshop and will be held in various cities across.
It is a great opportunity for you to use the quiet summer time and leverage your existing
Oracle skills.
After this workshop Oracle certified professionals (or equivalent experience) will be able to
also manage any existing or future Postgres databases deployed in their organization.