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une après midi avec Arup Nanda (Oracle ACE Director)
Bonjour, Arup Nanda (, Oracle ACE Director viendra nous rendre visite une après midi, pour nous présenter trois sujets différents. Je vous joins la présentation de Arup en anglais ,comme la conférence :) même si il n'est plus à présenter : Award winning technical leader, architect, planner, Oracle technologist, author of 5 books and 500+ articles, speaker of 300+ sessions, training seminars in 22 countries, mentor, friend, father and husband--not in any particular order. Awarded Oracle's DBA of the Year in 2003 and Architect of the Year in 2012. Blogs at, tweets at @ArupNanda. Oracle ACE Director and member of Oak Table Network. Concernant les sujets voici ce qui sera à l'ordre du jour on a essayé de faire jouer la variété (du code,du latch et du retour d'expérience) : Python for Oracle Professionals: Why should you learn about Python? It's language of data science. It’s beneficial for career enhancement or even understanding many python apps and system management tools. In this session learn to start using python from the context of the SQL and PL/SQL language to jumpstart the process and make easier. Learn the basics and intermediate python, draw charts and oconnect to Oracle database using CX_Oracle. All will be explained with live examples and the code samples will be available for download. Learn basics and intermediate topics in python quickly Learn how to pull data from and put data into an Oracle database using python Learn how python can be used in many situations including Oracle DB management Diagnosing Latch Contentions: Often contentions for latches cripple systems to a halt, even to the point a DBA can’t even login to check the source of the issue and take corrective action. In those cases you may have no choice but to recycle the database, only to see the recurrence of that same issue, and a lot of upset customers who lost their data. In this session you will see how to troubleshoot latch contention issues with proper tools, even when the database is not accessible to SQL, using oradebug, prelim option and using hang analyzer trace files. You will learn a specific set of steps to follow to identify the root of the issue and resolve it instead of recycling the database. All will be explained with live demos. Learn why latch contentions occur Learn how to use oradebug and hang analyzer Learn how to identify cache buffer chain latches Real World DBA Best Practices: Learn some of the tips and techniques of successfully managing a database infrastructure in the real world from someone who has been a DBA for 22 years and counting. Each recommendation is explained with justification and how it works. Some examples – install patches in a different Oracle Home, enable simple auditing, RMAN validate and restore preview, prefer pfile over spfile and many others. This presentation was delivered in Collab earlier to a packed room. This session have been updated since then. Develop an arsenal of tools for use in any database infrastructure Debunk some of the widely accepted theories on best practices Learn the tips and techniques for managing the database from a practical context En espérant vous voir nombreux!!!

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