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Swift Paris @ Algolia
Chris Eidhof & Florian Kugler - App Architecture --- John Sundell - Beyond Animations with Core Animation Core Animation is one of those essential technologies that power most Swift apps, whether or not you use it directly. In this talk, we’ll go beyond animations - and take a look at how Core Animation’s many powerful features can enable high-performance rendering, creation of complex shapes and backgrounds - and even be used to power a game engine! John builds apps, games & developer tools. He also makes Swift by Sundell - a weekly blog & podcast about Swift development. He has worked for companies like Volvo & Spotify, and is currently an iOS freelancer working with a Norwegian startup called Motimate. He’s the creator of several open source projects including Unbox, SwiftPlate, Marathon & Imagine Engine. --- Robert Mogos & Guy Daher - Building a plugin architecture with Swift The challenge when building frameworks is to give developers the freedom to use it with whatever use case they have. This is also true when building stand-alone applications. Reusability and extensibility is the core of a plugin architecture. With that in mind, we will present a real case scenario of building our frameworks at Algolia. --- After 8pm, the entrance will be at 3 - 5 rue de Bucarest.


55 Rue d'Amsterdam · Paris

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    Swift Paris est un meetup dédié au langage de programmation créé par Apple ainsi qu'à tout ses usages, qu'ils soient dans l'ecosystème Apple ou non.

    Le meetup se déroule en 3 temps :

    18h30 - 19h30 : Accueil, boissons & networking

    19h30 - 21h : 2 talks de 30 minutes + 15 minutes de questions

    21h - ... : Buffet, boissons & encore plus de networking

    Il y aura à chaque fois un speaker français et un speaker international.

    Les talks seront en anglais.

    Pour plus d'infos, suivre le compte twitter du meetup @SwiftPRS (



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