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This group is meant for anyone who loves to philosophize and who thrives on the experience of philosophizing together in an informal setting. Philosophy lives not only in the written word, but also in the spoken word.
The spirit of these meetups is to explore broadly and deeply themes and topics we might consider to be important and meaningful, using the tools of critical and creative thinking.
Although some/many of us may have studied philosophy at university or elsewhere, this meetup group presupposes no formal study of philosophy or of the history of philosophy. Ideas of great thinkers of past and present do however end up naturally in our talks and these of course always serve as valuable material during our discussions.
Note: although we use English as common language, it is not at all necessary to speak it perfectly. 90% of our participants speak English as a 2nd language. Our meetups have proven to be wonderful opportunities to meet philosophical others from many diverse backgrounds!
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The Sister Brussels Cafe

The emergence of AI-generated texts has raised several ethical concerns, particularly in relation to the authenticity and accuracy of information. With the ability of AI to generate texts that are indistinguishable from those written by humans, there is a risk of spreading misinformation and propaganda. This poses a threat to democratic society, as the accuracy and trustworthiness of information are essential components of an informed and participatory citizenry.

Another significant ethical concern is the impact of AI-generated texts on employment. If AI-generated texts become widely accepted, there is a possibility that human writers and journalists could be replaced by machines. This raises ethical questions about the impact of AI-generated texts on employment and the responsibility of companies and governments to ensure that the impact is carefully managed.

Moreover, the use of personal data and privacy breaches is another area of concern with AI-generated texts. The ability of AI-generated texts to generate highly personalized content raises concerns about the use of personal data and the potential for privacy breaches. Appropriate measures need to be put in place to protect individuals from potential harm.

Finally, the impact of AI-generated texts on cultural heritage and artistic expression is an area that requires careful consideration. If machines are capable of generating texts that are indistinguishable from those written by humans, it raises questions about the value and authenticity of creative works. This has implications for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, as well as the value and recognition of creative expression.

In conclusion, the emergence of AI-generated texts has significant ethical implications that need to be carefully considered. It is important to develop ethical frameworks that address the challenges posed by AI-generated texts while embracing the benefits. This includes examining the role of companies, governments, and individuals in promoting responsible use of AI-generated texts, exploring the ethical and legal frameworks that need to be in place, and discussing potential solutions to the challenges that AI-generated texts pose.

The above intro was written in its entirety by ChatGPT.
May I add here for clarification, as is moreover already specified in the intro, our topic for this meetup's discussion will not be ChatGPT in general, but rather everything related to the particular problem of the difficulties we encounter in determining whether a text has issued from a human or from AI.
Yours truly (but what is truth??),

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