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Scalaz-ZIO Queue
Wiem will introduce the Queue type that is powered by the Scalaz 8 effect system. Now a core part of ZIO, Queue is built on powerful concurrent data structures, such as Ref and Promise. Wiem will discuss these interesting data structures and demonstrate how to use them to solve real world problems. By the end of the presentation, you'll learn about the power of functional programming to solve the hard problems of software development in a principled way, without compromises. LO SPEAKER: Wiem Zine El Abidine Wiem Zine El Abidine is a Scala engineer and a functional programming enthusiastic. Outside of her day job, she loves contributing to Scalaz ZIO projects. Wiem is a personal mentee of John De Goes and she was honored to collaborate with him on the first version of Queue. ---


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    Amanti di scala e della programmazione funzionale, let's meet up!

    Ho creato questo gruppo per incontrare persone interessate a scala e a functional programming in generale.

    Sia che tu sia un esperto di scala o semplicemente curioso, questa è la tua occasione per incontrare altri appassionati e costruire insieme una community qui a Milano!


    Functional programmers and scala lovers, let's meet up!

    I started this group to meet people interested in scala development and functional programming in general!

    Whether you're a scala expert or just curious about it, this is your chance to meet your peers and build a community together here in Milano!

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