A feast hall for students of the arcane & divine, martial & stealth, order & chaos. A place to organize get-togethers for playing pen and paper RPGs, in Tokyo, Japan. We play a variety of RPGs, including Dungeons & Dragons, 13th Age, Shadowrun, Star Wars and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying. We welcome everyone, experienced gamer or total newbie.

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Roles for Initiative February

Good Heavens

Stand-Up Tokyo presents: Roles For Initiative! Tokyo’s only liveplay D&D show. What does that mean? It means a fun night of make-em-ups! DM Jon Sabay will guide some of Tokyo’s best improvisers and stand-ups through a fantasy adventure created on the spot from your input. Do you love supporting charity? We do, too! Roles For Initiative doesn’t charge a cover, we instead collect donations for TELL (Tokyo English Lifeline), a local nonprofit dedicated to suicide prevention and providing folks with mental health care. Don’t know D&D? For real, it’s all good. It’s just a fun storytelling show for nerds and newcomers alike. Come on through, we’ll be happy to have ya.

Otsuka RPG Day March 7 at Titans Craft Beer

Titans Craft Beer Taproom & Bottle Shop

NOTE: DATE CHANGED TO MARCH 7! Otsuka Game Day 13: Leap Year Bonanza This is another installment of our weekly mini-convention in Otsuka on the Yamanote-Line. As usual, we’re looking for volunteer GMs to run sessions. Please send me an IM at https://www.meetup.com/TokyoRPG/members/36957822/profile/?returnPage=1, LINE or Facebook so I can set you up. We‘ll have two time slots, 13:00-17:00 and 17:30-21:30. We'll create a separate meetup entry for each gaming session, where players can sign up. For our equally fine playing folks, stay tuned for these entries coming up and pick your games. You can find an overview of the games here (as soon as they're announced, usually 1-2 weeks before the event): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18CArkhmdGNoGFhf2xwdjyKul8OMRgSbeb77nf-_-x5g/ We recommend to watch this space and the FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TokyoRPG/) for upcoming games, and to reserve your spot. We’ll have three gaming tables on the third floor of the bar. If popular demand requires extra tables, we’ll also have the 2nd floor loft. You can also hang out at the bar and sample a fine selection of craft beers as well as excellent gyoza and fried potatoes. Also don't miss the drinks on the third floor, they're always treat! There will be no entrance fee / table fee. Snacks can also be brought in, but no alcoholic drinks or soft drinks. Please order at the bar to support the venue! Note1: The space is kinda small and the acoustics aren’t great. It can get a bit shouty if there’s three groups at once so please be mindful of other groups and players. Note2: The staff would like to start cleaning up on time at 22:00, so please make sure to vacate the play area in an orderly fashion.

D&D 5E / The Orrery of the Wanderer - chapter 3/ Otsuka Game Day

Titans Craft Beer Taproom & Bottle Shop

Your party, after taking an impromptu assignment from Acquisitions Incorporated CEO Omin Dran and coming into possession of a mysterious artifact known as the Orrery of the Wanderer, has been granted the right to operate as a franchise in the city of Phandalin. It has taken some time to clear out the underground passages below the rubble which once was Tresendar Manor, but they now serve as your franchise headquarters. Since setting up your franchise, your investigation of the Orrery and its component, the Timepiece of Travel, has led you to believe that another AI franchise may have obtained yet another of the Orrery's pieces, but head office has been slow to provide you details of their location. It's at this time that you receive a visitor from head office; Jim Darkmagic, with a "quick" and "easy" assignment for you in the city of Neverwinter. He assures you that the completion of this job will be just what you need to grease the wheels at head office and get you the information you're seeking. ..... Okay! Welcome! This is a continuing campaign, but don't let that intimidate you! New players are welcome! Acquisitions Incorporated franchises have a high rate of personnel turnover! New blood is always necessary! All characters should be level 3 (with point-buy or standard array stats), and if possible, should join the Dndbeyond campaign at: https://ddb.ac/campaigns/join/5586241492101459 Content sharing is enabled, so you will have access to a good number of sourcebooks, including the Acquisitions Incorporated book, so feel free to include any of the options that are available there. (But don't look at the campaign at the end. That's cheating!) The item information for the Orrery of the Wanderer and the Timepiece of Travel (the artifacts the party has previously acquired) are listed there as well. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to leave a comment!

D&D 5E / The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness / Otsuka Game Day

Titans Craft Beer Taproom & Bottle Shop

"You’re an adventurer. Or maybe you’re even a group of adventurers. Whatever. Why are you here? No one cares. Don’t tell me your backstory. We’re here to kick ass and find treasure. That’s your motivation. Now get ready to roll! In front of you is a dark staircase. Its mysterious shadows beckon you to enter. And by “beckon,” I mean you need to go down the stairs, or there’s not a hell of a lot of purpose for us all sitting around this table, is there? …" Notes: - Old school dungeon crawl. Grid paper and theatre of the mind. No models or minis in this one folks! - Pregens provided (mandatory). - 5 players max this time. - Rick and Morty haters need not apply. Wubba-lubba-dub-dub! “You’re in my dungeon now, Morty! When people think of impossibly difficult dungeons or winding, labyrinthine maps, those things ain’t Gygaxian—they’re Sanchezian!”

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