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Asakusa RPG Night June 2

Infinity Books and Event Space

=== GAME LIST ===

7:00 - 11:00PM

Sword World 2.5: https://www.meetup.com/tokyorpg/events/293666230/

Shadow of the Demon Lord: https://www.meetup.com/tokyorpg/events/293781449/

Pathfinder 2e: https://www.meetup.com/tokyorpg/events/293780991/

=== Asakusa Game Night 8 : A dice and a pint, please ===

Back to basics this month for our traditional after-work first Friday of the month schedule!

Hosted at a cozy English book store in Asakusa, the Asakusa Game Night is a shorter tabletop RPG event on the first Friday night of every month, bringing the Tokyo Roleplaying Society's Game Day goodness to the eastern parts of Tokyo. Join us for games, books and (non-alcohol as well as alcoholic) drinks!

=== How the Game Night works ===

As usual, we’re looking for volunteer GMs to run sessions. Please send the organizers of the event (Jeremy and Yan) a message or alternatively comment on this event below so we can set you up. We‘ll have just one time slot for this smaller event, from 7PM to 11PM, though there is some flexibility with the ending time. We have space for 3-4 game tables, so if you want to run something, please let us know quickly!

We'll create a separate meetup entry for each gaming session, where players will be able to sign up (though please also RSVP to this event so we can keep track of the total number of attendees to be expected). For our equally fine playing folks, stay tuned for these entries coming up and pick your games. You can find an overview of the games here on meetup, and we will add links to the individual games to this post as they get announced.

We recommend to watch this space and the FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TokyoRPG/) as well as Line for upcoming games, and to reserve your spot.

Please support the venue by ordering snacks and drinks from the counter - but you are already experts at this. You've got this!

Sword World 2.5 / The Star-Catching Labyrinth, Part I / Asakusa Game Night

Infinity Books and Event Space

Sword World 2.5 is the latest edition of the highly popular Japanese fantasy TTRPG. It is set in the world of Raxia, which is still recovering from an apocalyptic invasion over 300 years ago. There are many city states which have rebuilt and recovered, but the areas in-between are still filled with monsters, ancient ruins, and diabolical abysses... in other words, the perfect places for adventure and treasure!

We will be starting a new adventure, and both returning or new players are welcome.

You will want to bring the following to the game:

  • Pencils for writing (and erasers)
  • Two six-sided dice (you can borrow some if you don't have any)

That's it! No other dice are needed, and no Japanese knowledge will be required either. Pre-gen characters will be provided as well. The original game was based off of D&D, but it's developed in its own direction, so you can expect a lot of differences from the typical D&D game.

PF2e / Threshold of Knowledge / Asakusa Game Night

Infinity Books and Event Space

Embark upon an odyssey into the arcane at Nantambu, a time-honored bastion of mystic arts. Your benefactor has assigned you a seemingly simple task as the first step in your induction into the grand tapestry of magical society. Yet, beneath the harmonious melodies of the Song-Wind City, a cacophony of mysteries yearns to be unraveled. Are you ready to brave the enigmatic journey and cross the elusive Threshold of Knowledge?

This adventure opens its portals to both novices and veterans alike as a Level 1 saga, complete with pre-generated characters to ease your initiation. Whether you're new to the realm of RPGs or Pathfinder 2e, fear not - this escapade requires no prior experience. However, if the allure of crafting your own character tugs at your heartstrings, simply reach out. Let the symphony of suspense, intrigue, and magic begin!

Shadow of the Demon Lord / Return to the Desert / Asakusa Game Night

Infinity Books and Event Space

A ratastical throwback to times past!

The small community of San'ir, composed of those that want to get away from it all - their debts, their old lives, the war - has carved out a meager existence for itself in the ruins of the Kathirian Monastery. This ancient religious ruin once overlooked the small oasis around it and the blasted desert stretching to the horizon here in the most remote corner of the Empire. This land of wants and winds is the latest province to come under imperial control, Numa- anyway, that's not important.

What is important is that things have always been tough, but recently they have been tougher. For the last year, the fields have been drying and the cisterns that the monks who had previously inhabited this place had driven into the rock these many years ago have been all but emptied.

Then, on top of all of that, the murders began.

The players are a group of adventurers connected with or living in San'ir. Neither complete novices nor seasoned adventurers, it falls upon them to take care of a community that neither the government, nor the world at large, seems to pay any mind.


Shadow of the Demon Lord is sort of like D&D 5e, except more lethal, quick to play, with a lot of character options, and - as written - more yucky things. This session will be played in a style erring more to the high fantasy style of the upcoming Weird Wizard game by the same author though. No hateful defenestration.

Characters will be provided, but if you tell me of a D&D character of roughly Level 3 that you want to play, I will create you that character in advance. You need a d20 and some d6.


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D&D 5e / Monastery of the Void Pt. 2 / Otsuka RPG Day

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