Tokyo FinTech Meetup #72 - Cyber Security Summit


During 2020, the Olympics will make Japan a natural target for cyber attacks, and there are serious concerns that the country is not prepared. What is the state of Cyber Security in Japan, what are the risks to public infrastructure and commercial operations? We are excited to tackle these and other questions with Mihoko Matsubara, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at NTT, and a worldwide recognized expert in this field. Tokyo FinTech's Director Karsten Klein will also provide a perspective on the global cyber security landscape.

Speaker Profiles

Mihoko Matsubara is Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, NTT Corporation in Tokyo. She is responsible for public advocacy to strengthen or expand networks with global thought leaders in academia, government, and industry by sharing NTT’s and Japan’s cybersecurity efforts via publications and speakership. Mihoko worked at the Japanese Ministry of Defense for nine years before pursuing an MA at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies on Fulbright. Afterward, she worked at Pacific Forum CSIS in Honolulu as a fellow. She then joined Hitachi Systems as Cybersecurity Analyst, and next took a position at Intel, Tokyo, as Cybersecurity Policy Director. Her most recent experience includes Vice President and Public Sector Chief Security Officer for Asia-Pacific, Palo Alto Networks.

Karsten is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Klein K.K., Advisory Services, Japan. He has had a long and successful career in capital markets, with a focus on risk & control infrastructure, at global institutions including Nomura Securities, Lehman Brothers, UBS and NN Life. Recently, he has been able to leverage his risk management and governance experience to benefit clients in the nascent cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. Prior to working in the financial services industry, Karsten was engaged in technology research and development. He received his PhD in electronic engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Shih-Wen Su is the Chief Technology of Caulis, the leading identity fraud detection company in Japan. Their real-time risk-based authentication platform protects over 6 million monthly active users and fights the festering identity threat for top-tier banks, security companies, and giant telecoms.


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