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It is our mission to accelerate innovation in data-driven healthcare by bringing together healthcare professionals, data specialists, and general enthusiasts.

The healthcare industry stands out from other industries in many ways. The potential value of data-driven applications is by far more evident than in any other industry, and the amounts and diversity of medical data is abundant. Yet, the pace of innovation is slow, which is unfortunate in the context of the rapid advancements in the fields of computing and artificial intelligence.

This meetup brings together medical specialists, data specialist and other stakeholders in healthcare, to discuss data-driven use cases, research, and associated organizational challenges. We usually invite two speakers: one to share the clinical perspective and impact, and one to enlighten us on the technological background.

By doing so, we strive to contribute to better medical technology and healthcare. So join, connect and get inspired!

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Connecting Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging

Online evenement

In collaboration with EuSoMII, we are pleased to invite all interested clinicians, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and other enthusiasts within the field for this interactive event on artificial intelligence and medical imaging. These players are usually not in the same room, however to come to AI innovation in healthcare mutual communication and understanding is essential. During this event, we will facilitate in-depth discussions to bring these different worlds together. Because, how does one start an AI project, how do you collect the data, how to validate and implement ideas and where to start for your own start-up company? Join to ask your burning questions or bring in your knowledge and expand your network. **How does it work?** You let us know your preference regarding the break-out session topics and you will be able to join two topics with a group of max 15 people. Four experts within the field will lead the break-out by sharing their experience and moderating further discussions by the participants. Please keep in mind that this event is designed to provide in-depth discussion and contact between participants and experts, active participation is expected. **Agenda:**[masked]: Welcome, introduction[masked]: First break-out[masked]: Second break-out[masked]: Wrap up **Registration: ** Please fill in the Google form before December 7th. Registering via meetup is not enough. There is a maximum of 60 participants (‘first come, first served’). https://forms.gle/PTNzMRdBuQPAdEy18 Looking forward to meeting you online on the 9th of December 2020! **This is a 'Pie & AI' event in partnership with DeepLearning.AI. Pie & AI is a series of DeepLearning.AI meetups independently hosted by community groups. You can register for deeplearning.AI at https://bit.ly/2EfoFP6: After the event, we will provide a limited number of promotional code for attendees who complete a post-event survey. With this promo code, learners can avail 50% off the first month subscription for any DeepLearning.AI course on Coursera (e.g. the AI for Medicine specialization). You can check out a full list of courses at https://bit.ly/3904zng.** ********************************** Topics of the break-out rooms: **How to identify a valuable clinical use case for Artificial Intelligence?** What kind of clinical problems can you solve with AI? What makes a solution have added clinical value? How do you get clinicians, managers, and developers on board? Moderating expert: Merel Huisman, Radiology resident, Meander Medical Center **How to develop the Artificial Intelligence solution to your problem?** What deep learning methods suit which problem? What needs to be developed beyond the algorithms? How do you collect medical data? How to deal with multi GB images? Moderating expert: Wouter Bulten, AI pathology researcher, Radboud university medical center **What are the regulatory prerequisites for bringing Artificial Intelligence into clinical practice?** What regulatory requirements do you need to meet in order to launch an AI product in clinical practice? What are the differences between developing AI in-house versus for commercial use? What does validation of AI algorithms look like? Moderating expert: Leon Doorn, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Aidence **How to start an Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging start-up?** What challenges do you come across? What capabilities do you need in your team? How do you fund it? Which parties should you connect to? What activities should you focus on? Moderating expert: Mads Jarner Brevadt, Founder & CEO Radiobotics

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