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FrontMen is 100% dedicated to Expert Frontend Coding. We are helping enterprise clients building their next thing with advanced JavaScript solutions. We love to share our passion and build a community of FrontMembers, being frontend or JavaScript enthousiasts, and invite them to join our hosted JavaScript talks or workshops by famous international speakers for free!

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Webinar | GraphQL Workshop (free)

Online event

WEBINAR Many companies are investigating whether they can benefit from the advantages of GraphQL. To give you a better understanding what GraphQL is and how your organisation and development teams can benefit from this emerging technology. We organise a free interactive webinar. Albert Groothedde, senior full-stack developer with a passion for GraphQL, will show you the ins and outs of GraphQL in professional environments. Register via: https://frontmen.clickmeeting.com/graphql-workshop/register SCHEDULE 15:00: Start 15:00 to 15:45: High-level overview of GraphQL, how it works and how to apply it 15:45 to 15:55: Break 15:55 to 17:00: Interactive Deep-dive and Q&A 17:00: Wrap-up EXAMPLE GRAPHQL CASE An example of one of our client cases with GraphQL can be found at https://www.frontmen.nl/work/air-france-klm

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