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The Utrecht Hub is a social club for Utrecht expats with an international membership that includes both recently relocated Expats and long term residents.

We will host monthly social events. Additionally, we host frequent special events. The primary goal is to meet interesting people and make new friends. If anyone is interested in hosting an event, please let one of the organizers know.

While the group is primarily focused on expats, native Dutch are highly encouraged to join. The more international the merrier!

P.S. If you are single and looking, join our partner expat dating group on http://netherlandsdating.expatica.com/

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Free Webinar: Basics of Investing 💶💰

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Back again in case you missed the last one! To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/basics-of-investing-webinar-tickets-124401158213?aff=UtrechtHub Death, taxes and the sun rising are, for the moment, the only things which are certain in life. One thing which is not certain is how wealthy or financially successful you will be in your lifetime. With housing prices, the aging population, and inflation on the rise the need to secure your future has never been greater. Come time to retirement, pension funds around the world will be under tremendous pressure and it’s very likely that they will be insufficient/unsubstantial to provide enough for your retirement. There are however, lots of things you can do to ensure financial success and to build wealth for the future: namely investing. The problem is that many expatriates or internationals hesitate because they don’t know how or where to start and what to do. In this seminar we will explore the basics of investing and how you can get started with investing or grow/reshape your portfolio. We will delve into the following topics: The Basics: The investment mindset, why invest anyways? What makes up a portfolio? What is a stock? What is a bond? What is a Money market instrument? What is a commodity? Other forms of investments Portfolio diversification and risk What are different strategies for investing? What is a mutual Fund ? What is an exchange traded fund (ETF)? The challenges expatriates face when investing Lack of knowledge of investing and the markets. Multiple pensions, currencies, and cross border assets. How to address these challenges. How to get started and where to go? Where to go and how to invest Online vs. Broker Timing the market How much should you should invest and how often based on your needs. About the Speaker: Luke Staden is a licensed financial advisor with extensive experience in the Dutch, German and UK markets and has helped many expatriates plan their financial future. He is passionate about investing and even more so about helping internationals reach their financial goals & dreams!

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Utrecht Living & Lifestyle Event (Online)

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