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There’s no better place to begin our foray into Amsterdam's multicultural East than within the green walls of Bar Botanique. Soak up the tropical greenery of this award-winning source of pride for the East! Situated adjacent to the popular Javastraat, Bar Botanique is only a little more than a year old. It has a nice back story, formerly housing a gym before it was converted to a local Dutch café – De Ponteneur – which had then gone on to serve as “the living room of the East" for the next 25 years. Every aspect of this sensational space makes for a spectacular sight, from the soothing colour scheme and the tropical plants, to the artful play that exists between the high ceilings, lighting and reflective elements. It’s no wonder Foodbloggers awarded it winner of this year's Best Design. ♣︎ Great event for first-time attendees or returning veterans! ♣︎ French-Mediterranean cuisine and good selection of drinks from the bar ♣︎ Plus you get to hang out with the coolest expat community in Amsterdam ;-) Join our whatsapp group by sending a message to [masked]. State your meetup.com / facebook name and the event you’re interested in. You must be a member of meetup.com or our facebook group in order to join.

Bar Botanique

Eerste van Swindenstraat 581 · Amsterdam

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