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This is a group for anyone interested in AWS. Every 3 to 4 weeks a meetup will be organized. This is an AWS meetup, so at least 70% of the talks are about AWS technology or automating, securing, optimizing AWS services.

Code of conduct

• Every 2 to 4 weeks a meetup will be planned.

• Talks should be at least 70% about AWS technology. Talks should not contain any marketing. We would like to see and approve the slide deck or other details about your talk, upfront. People should be able to learn from your presentation and use the knowledge, learnings, inspiration, without having to buy your product or service.

• We kindly ask you to add a picture and your full name to your profile. If you have no picture, no history, and no real name, you cannot subscribe to meetups.

• You have until 3 days before a meetup to unsubscribe, otherwise, your absence is counted as a no-show.

• If you have 2 no-shows, you should not RSVP anymore. You will be moved to the Wait List.

• If you have more than 2 no-shows, you will be removed and blocked from this group. We don't negotiate bans from this group.

• You must be interested in the topics. "Just-eaters" and "sleepers" are not welcome. (We actually have had people who left when the first presentation started, and even some who felt asleep at the first row).

• It’s strictly forbidden to actively recruit (direct approaching). Do a talk, and/or sponsor the location/food, and you are allowed to add one slide and promote your company for 1 minute.

• During meetups, videos and photos are made and shared on social media. If you don’t like it, hide, or don’t come to the meetups.

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GoDataFest: Amazon Web Services

Online evenement

GoDataFest features daily streams with a multitude of sessions focused on one data technology or cloud platform. From fireside chats and presentations to ask-me-anything sessions and customer stories, each session is hosted by seasoned experts. 🚨 important 🚨 This online event requires prior registration using the link below. This event on meetup.com is just to show others in the community you are interested in this event. https://godatafest.com/registration/ Monday Nov 2: Amazon Web Services In this live stream, speakers from Amazon Web Services and some experienced practitioners will give you an overview of what is happening at AWS. Think about a session with the head of Solution Architects Benelux, Jean-Pierre La Goaller, customer stories from Knab and the Bundesliga. Finally, we will explore some of the latest innovations around AWS Lambda, deploying models to Sagemaker and AWS Wavelength.

Webinar: Evolution of AWS cloud networking

REGISTER HERE: https://aviatrix.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_75j59wzBSGirQlYo-E7a2g AWS started in 2006 with internet public cloud services. A few years later AWS introduced the concept of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and in a later stage with the feature for VPC Peering. Two years ago the launch of AWS Transit Gateway and Shared VPCs was another next step in AWS cloud networking. Is this the end-stage or is there expected more to be able to design and build complex cloud networking architectures? In this AWS Usergroup NL Meetup webinar Oblivion Cloud Control and Aviatrix dive into the evolution of Cloud networking topologies and explain in which case which network setup would be most sufficient. Talk 1: The evolution of Cloud networking – Steyn Huizinga - CTO / Cloud Architect @ Oblivion Cloud Control In this talk the several Cloud Networking topologies will be explained regarding architecture, limitation, advantaged/disadvantages and evaluated against best fitting use cases. Talk 2: Next Generation Transit Networking - Dennis Hagens - Cloud Networking Architect - Aviatrix Within the AWS cloud, AWS Transit Gateway is the most advanced AWS native inter VPC connectivity service. But what if you still face limitations in AWS Transit networking features or if you need to design for multi cloud network connectivity? In this talk Aviatrix explains and demonstrates their platform integrating with AWS.

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AWS Community Day Amsterdam Online

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