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Crypto Tech - Privacy & Tornado Cash 🌪

De Nieuwe Anita

Start the new year with a bang and join Crypto Tech for a special privacy edition! We will welcome several speakers to the stage to discuss the state of privacy in the crypto space.

Alex Pertsev, Tornado Cash developer was arrested last August 10th in the Netherlands. The chilling arrest this has created can not be underestimated and we need to talk about it.



  • 19:00 Welcome
  • 19:30 Olaf van Wijk to discuss what is Tornado Cash and "The importance of self-regulation for privacy technology."
  • 20:00 Robert de Groot presenting the "The Privacy Playbook"
  • 20:30 Break
  • 21:00 Panel discussion: In the light of OFAC regulations, and what happened to Alex, how can we guarantee a free and censorship resistant future in the crypto space?


More about our speakers
🌪 Olaf van Wijk
Software developer since his teenage years with a background in AI and big data turned blockchain dev and privacy advocate. Currently developing a Tornado Cash Fork.

🌪 Robert de Groot
Privacy advocate and ecosystem manager at Ethereum Swarm


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