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Welcome at Cultivating Compassion,

I'm here to inspire you to become more self-aware, allowing room to live your life more consciously in line with your core values and needs; which will hopefully reflect in various areas of your life, among others:

Decreases in:
- Stress
- Restlessness
- Indecisiveness
- The inner critic
- Feeling blue / anxious

Increases in:
- Focus
- Self-worth
- Deeper connections with yourself and others
- Conscious decision-making (e.g., setting boundarties)
- Mild and compasisonate attitude towards yourself and others

May we learn and inspire each other.

Be aware & take care,

dr. Marleen ter Avest
Mindfulness & Compassion

Psychologist | Trainer | Researcher
+3100 (0)6 40 18 46 98