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Mapping a Domain Model to a RESTful Web API
Doing business digitally means that having a Web API has become a key asset for many companies. A Web API, like a website, is a channel into the business domain. It extends a companies business beyond traditional boundaries and can act as a true market differentiator. The web architecture style REST still is the de-facto standard for designing Web APIs because of its constraints, such as interface uniformity, client-server decoupling and web scalability and the fact it matches the commonly use web communication standard HTTP. REST is based around resources typically accessed by the simple HTTP CRUD operations. However, translating often complex business domain behaviour to simple CRUD concepts is not easy and surrounded by misconceptions about REST. REST resource modeling is therefore a key activity in the API development process and should get sufficient attention in order to get to a consumer-friendly and evolvable web API. In this meetup, we will share practical solutions on how to model domain behaviour to a RESTful API. These solutions are based on DDD concepts and on our own experiences in the field. Attendees will get the opportunity to practice in teams with designing a RESTful API for a fictional case that we will provide. Attendees will leave the tutorial with applied design skills, practical solutions for complex domain to REST mappings and a better understanding about the choices to be made when designing a RESTful API . Note: this is a rerun of our tutorial hosted at O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in New York earlier this year: https://conferences.oreilly.com/software-architecture/sa-ny-2018/public/schedule/detail/63452 Agenda: 18:00 Dinner 18:30 Workshop Part 1 19:30 Break 19:45: Workshop Part 2 21:00 Wrap up & Drinks

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