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Wat we doen

The Dutch Cloud Meetup is a user group that focuses on Cloud Technologies. The group was founded in 2018 by an IT enthusiast who found the number of user group meetings in the Rotterdam area (South Holland) was too low. South Holland has a large number of IT enthusiasts who would like to attend a user group meeting. Initially, the user group focused on organizing meetings in the Rotterdam area.  But due to unforeseen events were are now more focusing on online events and 1 or 2 live events.
The basic principle of this group is to provide high-quality meetings that take place once every quarter. At these meetings, interaction is paramount and the meetings are largely composed by the own members. The meetings focus on the use of cloud platforms in which the following topics can be discussed:
• DevOps
• Azure DevOps
• Adoptie
• Azure
• Identity en Security
• Governance

For information or questions you can mail to:

If you would like to give a presentation, fill in our CFP: Dutch Cloud Meetup: Call for Speakers/Papers @