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Dear members of Groningen.rb and Elixir |> Groningen, It has been a while since the last meetup. Time to meet again! We're very eager to hear what you all have been up to. On Tuesday 6th of November. (Note: It is not on a Thursday this time but on a Tuesday!) This meetup will be a combined Elixir and Ruby meetup. Rene van Pelt is going to give a presentation. Other speakers will be announced later, but we're also still looking for more speakers for this and future meetups! Please, even if it you have a small hobby project that you'd be able to talk 15 minutes about, let us know! Besides this, the rest of the evening will be a nice opportunity to catch up with everyone (and maybe meet some interesting new people?). **We'll bring drinks and snacks for you all!** See you there, Wiebe-Marten and Rene from Panache/Resilia

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